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Enricke Detou

(1984-05-18) May 18, 1984 (age 38)
Other names
  • Debsito
  • Debsito Debs
  • Detou Debs
Musical career
Background information

Enricke Detou, popularly known by his stage name Debsito is a singer, author, composer, and producer of Congolese origin currently living in France. Debsito is the son of a former Congolese rumba singer Debaba and is regarded for continuing his legacy with his talents. He is best known for his songs that are inspired by his heritage, personal experiences.[1]

Debsito incorporates a unique style that is inspired by African sounds and urban music. With the publication of his breakthrough song Parano and his EP Etincelles,[2] he has garnered a lot of fame in the country. Debsito has established himself as one of the most influential musical artists specializing in the Afropop genre with a musical style that is warm and melodious.[3][4]

Debsito’s music is available on his website as well as on all the music streaming platforms such as Spotify,[5] Apple Music, Discogs, and YouTube. He has been featured in several media outlets such as Musician Africa, Musique Magazine,[6] Open The News,[7] Hood Critic Magazine,[8] Rap RNB, African Shapers,[9] and others.[10]

Early life and education

Debsito was born in The Democratic Republic of the Congo to a renowned Rumba singer Debaba, who died ten years ago. While growing up, Debsito was highly inspired by his father, and later on, even took his name as an alias as a tribute to him and his legacy. At an early age, Debsito developed a certain interest in Congolese music but eventually he inclined towards the music composed by the urban artists of the 2000s such as Craig David, Nas, Sean Paul, Usher, which is clearly reflected in Debsito’s music.

Later Debsito completed his university studies and obtained a master’s degree in finance.


Debsito has been actively participating in various events in the music industry for the past decade. Simultaneously he also worked in the corporate sector working for various companies. During this time, Debsito was also a member of the group Black Bazar[11] formed by the famous writer Alain Mabanckou. He traveled across continents and performed on European, African,[12] and Caribbean stages along with a number of Congolese music personalities in this group including Popolipo, Do akongo, CNN alligator, Balou Canta, and Niuver.[13]

In 2014, Debsito decided to embark on his entrepreneurial journey and devoted himself to musical pursuits.[14] In 2019, he released his debut video song titled Parano[15] which acquired over 2 million views on Youtube. An acoustic version of the title "Parano" was also released in June 2020 at the request of his audience.[16]

In 2021, Debsito released his first EP "Etincelles" a project with urban afro-pop sounds.[17] This EP became one of the top 10 music trends on YouTube in the month of June 2021.[18][19] “Etincelles” represents the premise of his artistic universe that he wishes to introduce to the public, which is a taste of everything he wishes to offer. On the other hand, it also represents a spark he has been growing within him.[20]

In the upcoming future, Debsito plans to release his second project “Etincelles” part II.


S.No. Title Running Time
Etincelles (21:38)
1 Smile 3:42
2 Tic Tac 3:27
3 Seconde Chance 3:48
4 Ton Bouclier 3:07
5 La Peste 3:45
6 Bendo 3:29
Single Music Videos
7 Parano 3:55
8 Bendo 3:31


In the media



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