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Daniel Allen Cohen
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CitizenshipUnited States
Known forcontemporary art, installation art

Daniel Allen Cohen is a Los Angeles based multi-media artist best known for his platform, This is Addictive, which highlights adult cravings and material obsessions using imagery often associated with childhood nostalgia.[1][2] For instance, his series, Periodic Table of Drugs, parodies the format of the scientific periodic table but instead of cataloguing natural elements, Cohen catalogues a variety of narcotics.[3] Cohen has shown his work at art fairs including SCOPE Art Show in Miami and the L.A. Art Show.[4][5]

Fine Art

Cohen's subversive sculpture makes satirical commentary on the consumer habits associated with youth culture in Western society.[6] He works with a variety of materials, including: wood, acrylic paint, metal, graphic design and digital alterations. Incorporating substances, such as drugs, chocolate and Diamond|diamonds, that are associated with decadence and often abused, Cohen is able to address the dialogue surrounding addiction.[5][7]

Score, 2015 In this series, Cohen confronts the increase of drug use, and ease of its availability, in the United States.[8] Using the format of a Nutrition facts label|nutrition label that lists ingredients in packaged food, he outlines the effects of Recreational recreational drugs.[9] In addition to creating these labels for existing drugs, Cohen invents drugs, like "Insta-Fame" pills, to provide social media clout, and "Poor & Suffering Relief" pills to alleviate poverty.[6][8]

Precious Bars, 2016 In 2016, Cohen started his Precious Bars series where he fabricates stacks of money and bars of gold wrapped in the packaging of branded chocolate bars that have been slightly altered.[10] For instance, in Cohen's version, the iconic Mr. Goodbar has changed to read "Mr. Goldbar."[11]

Periodic Table of Drugs, 2017-ongoing In this series, Cohen parodies the Periodic Table of Elements which outlines life-sustaining elements such as Hydrogen, Carbon, Nitrogen and Oxygen.[1] By featuring recreational drugs instead of chemical elements, Cohen illustrates the irony surrounding which substances are valued in contemporary society.[12]


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