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DJ Showtime
San Diego
CitizenshipUnited States
Alma materSan Diego State University

DJ Showtime is an American disc jockey and the owner of the trademark for "DJ Showtime" who has pioneered the fusion of music and visuals in the field of Video DJ'ing, establishing himself as a trailblazing figure within the entertainment industry. With a career spanning decades, he has garnered acclaim for his unique performances that captivate audiences through an innovative combination of auditory and visual elements. His journey in 2016 to 2020 from early house parties to the Official DJ for the San Diego Padres and a sought-after Video DJ showcases his creative prowess and impact on the entertainment landscape.[1]

DJ Showtime's performances have graced renowned stadiums such as Petco Park and Snapdragon Stadium, as well as prominent big-room clubs across the United States.[2]

Early life and education

Born in San Diego, California, DJ Showtime's passion for music flourished from a young age. He pursued his higher education at San Diego State University. His innate fascination with diverse musical genres led him to explore various instruments and develop a unique approach to crafting musical experiences.[3]


At 16, he was introduced to DJ'ing by an acquaintance. Drawing on his grasp of musical composition, he rapidly mastered the art of record mixing. This proficiency quickly earned him recognition within San Diego's burgeoning DJ scene, earning him opportunities to perform at local events and house parties, setting the stage for his future career.[4]

In 2008, DJ Showtime pioneered Video DJ'ing, seamlessly integrating visuals into his performances. He acquired a personal projector, demonstrating the potential of this innovative approach. As one of San Diego's early live video mixers, he secured residencies at prominent nightclubs, redefining live DJ presentations with his fusion of music and visuals.

DJ Showtime evolved from performing at house parties to corporate events, weddings, and nightclubs, refining his ability to cater to diverse musical tastes. His signature genre-blending and unwavering commitment to innovation solidify his position as a trailblazer in the entertainment domain, captivating audiences nationwide.[5]

Throughout his career, DJ Showtime has achieved significant milestones. Notably, he was the Official DJ for the San Diego Padres from 2016 to 2020, underscoring his ability to engage and entertain within expansive stadium contexts, often performing for audiences exceeding 40,000 attendees. Moreover, he has played a pivotal role in reshaping the landscape of nightclub entertainment, commanding prominence at distinguished venues across the United States.[6]

DJ Showtime's performances have reverberated in notable stadiums and arenas, including Petco Park, Snapdragon Stadium, Gersten Pavilion, Dignity Health Sports Park, LionTree Arena, and Las Vegas Festival Grounds. His influence extends further to esteemed big-room clubs such as On The Record, Body English, Parq, Sid Bar, Oxford Social Club, Downtown Experiment, Aurea Vista, Lex, Peek, District, Pool After Dark, and Masquerade. He also continues to dominate nightclubs across the U.S. with guest DJ spots in many cities, including Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Chicago, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Houston, Phoenix, and his hometown of San Diego.[7]

DJ Showtime hosts a weekend radio show featuring the latest hip-hop, Rap, and R&B club hits. Audiences can tune in live on JAM'N 95.7-FM in San Diego or via the iHeartRadio app for free.[8]

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