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DCB World x Britto
Developer(s)DCB World
Genre(s)Collectible, Prize Game

DCB World x Britto is a collection of 1,000,000 limited prize game NFTs designed by Romero Britto that runs on the Ethereum Network.[1] The project provides holders the opportunity to purchase a one-of-a-kind NFT while registering in automated, transparent, verifiable, and provably fair draws, using Chainlink’s Verifiable Source of Randomness (VRF) as well as Chainlink Keepers. The available NFTs carry embedded game tickets that allow participants to take part in a series of online prize games that offer potential rewards.

In addition, the NFTs also hold unique value as collectible and utility items with features and perks that the community can unlock through roadmap activation.The total prize pool is 42,000 plus 60% of all royalties and first prize draw has been set at 20 ETH.[2]


Dot Com Billionaires “DCB World” in collaboration with Romero BRITTO, the founder of the Happy Art Movement and dubbed by CNN as the most licensed artist in history, has designed the biggest NFT prize game with massive utility. The genius of Romero Britto, combined with DCB’s native AI NFT generator, has produced 1,000,000 limited and unique NFTs that fulfill Britto’s vision: “Art is too important not to share.” Each art features the Brazilian-born and Miami-made visual genius’ signature style of vibrant, iconic imagery and fun patterns and promotes his goal of creating a visual language of love, hope, and happiness.[3]

The most significant utility provided by the platform is a periodical prize draw that has the potential for high rewards. DCB World allows collectors to purchase limited Romero Britto digital art in the form of collectible NFTs. Each NFT holds a unique number that grants access to automated weekly prize draws. The collector will be enrolled automatically in the upcoming draws throughout the lifetime of the prize game.[4]

To help power a transparent, decentralized, and automated draw mechanism, DCB World integrated Chainlink VRF to randomly choose the winning ticket, while Chainlink Keepers are used to automatically trigger draws based on pre-set conditions in the related smart contracts. These services were adopted to eliminate “human” interaction with the smart contracts and help ensure a seamless, secure, and provably fair draw mechanism.[5] . The project team is headlined by experienced entrepreneurs, game developers, crypto and NFT advisors, tech gurus, and great designers. The platform integrates the traditional ideas of non-fungible tokens with conventional prize games, decentralized finance, and Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Each NFT is an original piece of art and holds a unique value as a collectible, tradeable, and utility item.

Minting an NFT ticket costs 0.2 ETH plus gas fees. The first draw will be taking place after the sale of the 500th NFT game ticket and will then have a subsequent weekly draw that will be happening every Friday at 10 pm ET.

Two grand prize draws award winning ticket holders with 1,000 ETH each, with the first draw occurring after the sale of the 500,000th ticket, while the second grand prize draw occurs after the millionth sale.

Among the DCB World’s NFT utilities is the ability to request a physical copy of the NFT, which can be shipped directly from the BrittoShop at an exclusive cost. Holders can also join the project’s Discord channel to become part of the whitelist to mint upcoming drops. Additionally, features and perks can be unlocked by the community through roadmap activation including early access to the $DCB token and exclusive access to future events & tournaments in DCB’s very own Metaverse location.

Romero Britto NFTs are now available for purchase at DCB world and re-sale tickets are available on secondary markets such as OpenSea.io. The collector must connect their wallet to the DCB World website to mint their NFT. Collectors can select a preferred ticket number or allow the platform to randomly generate a ticket number. Ticket numbers will be embedded inside purchased NFTs.

The project will donate part of the minting fees to children impacted by conflict through their partner charity INARA.org.


DCB World has designed the NFT lucky draw game using Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) and Chainlink Keepers to deliver fully automated and transparent draw results.

The integration of both Chainlink VRF and Chainlink Keepers were necessary for a provably fair, decentralized, and automated NFT raffle system. In order to build out a robust system, DCB World needed access to a provably fair source of on-chain randomness and a secure smart contract automation service—a service that requires a high standard of security, reliability, and transparency.

The integration was tested and validated on Rinkeby and Kovan test networks. Additionally, all smart contracts were audited and approved for Ethereum main network deployment by a third-party audit firm. The related audit report is available to the public.

Chainlink Keepers and VRF

Within DCB World’s draw system, Chainlink Keepers are used to jumpstart the smart contract to commence the random drawing of a ticket, which is underpinned by Chainlink VRF. Chainlink Keepers trigger a specific function in DCBW Alarm that confirms draw times. Using Chainlink Keepers, the draws only commence when a particular day and time is met. If the draw conditions are met, the DCBW Alarm smart contract calls a function in the DCBW ERC-721 smart contract to begin the draw, which asynchronously calls Chainlink VRF to request a random number. Once the request is received, the DCBW RNG smart contract is triggered by Chainlink VRF, producing the resulting numbers. The DCBW ERC-721 smart contract then processes the random numbers, verifying if any purchased ticket number matches. If the verification process confirms a ‘yes,’ the wallet holding this ticket number receives the prize directly. If the verification process confirms a ‘no,’ the process automatically repeats as soon as the draw pre-conditions are met again.

Types and attributes

Each minted NFT will have one of six rarity scales that range from uncommon, common, rare, epic, legendary, and unique. Each category has a distinguished benefit that differs from the others. The team will later reveal the different utilities for each rarity type.

Roadmap of DCB World

Launch Date: February 06,2022

DCB Holders will be granted priority minting access for upcoming DCB projects. They will also have access to the profit share and the distribution of profits from future projects. The project aims to design $DCB Token Economics, launch DCB DAO, and activate earning rewards soon. DCB World will also be launching their second NFT collection shortly.



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