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The Cyprus Forum[1] is a new not-for-profit annual conference, organised by Oxygono[2], in association with the Delphi Economic Forum[3] and Zenox Public Affairs[4] as communications partner. The Cyprus Forum [5] focuses on political priorities[6] which are linked to society as a whole and need reform based on scientific and creative thinking[7]. This forum focuses on Cyprus, the region and beyond, as demonstrated by the participation of local, European and global leaders[8].

The Cyprus Forum [9] handles issues about the pillars of the UN Sustainable Development Goals[10], namely on Economy[11], Entrepreneurship[12], and Corporate Responsibility[13], Foreign Policy[14], Energy[15], and Environment[16], Justice, and Institutions[17], Research, Innovation and Infrastructure[18], Education, and Culture[19], and Health and Sports[20]. These topics are then discussed and debated by a panel of speakers, selected for the academic credentials, innovative ideas[21], and combined understanding of decision-making and policy-making[22]. Discussions are held in English with interpretation available for participants[23].

Cyprus Forum 2020

The first Cyprus Forum [24] took place on the 3rd of October 2020, delivered by Oxygono in collaboration with Delphi Economic Forum. Launched on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Republic of Cyprus, Cyprus Forum is now establishing itself as an annual, Cyprus-based conference[25].

More than 75 invited speakers from Cyprus and abroad joined the inaugural Cyprus Forum, both in-person and online, covering a wide range of issues that are inextricably relevant to society as a whole, creating a new conference network from across several sectors[26].

According to the deliverables of the first Cyprus Forum [27], there is huge potential for citizens to be engaged significantly more in Cyprus’ democracy, across the areas of… Foreign Policy, Economy, Environment, Justice, Institutions, Health, Innovation, Education, and Cultural[28].

Cyprus Forum 2021

The second Cyprus Forum is scheduled for October 2, 2021 at the Nicosia Municipal Theater with the theme ‘A new sustainable horizon, Cyprus 2040’[29].


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