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Cyberpugs NFT
Cyberpugs NFT.JPG
Developer(s)The Noble Wolf Pack
Release12 December 2021

CyberPugs NFT is a Solana blockchain-based non-fungible token (NFT) that will be launched on 21 December with 10-times the number of traits than other NFTs (30-50). It is a unique NFT collection that is specifically designed for animal lovers around the world.

CyberPugs is a project based on a charitable concept and aims to donate money to dog charities all the while promoting the NFT community as a whole. Initially, CyberPugs will be launched with an inventory of 10000 uniquely rendered digital collectibles. CyberPugs has gained mainstream popularity in the industry, even before its launch. It has been featured in leading media outlets such as LA Wire,[1] CEO Weekly,[2] NY Weekly,[3] The Chicago Journal,[4] US Reporter,[5] and others.


CyberPugs is all set to be launched on 12 December 2021, on Solana comprising up to 50 unique characteristics, making it one of the first NFT collections to do so. This project is specifically designed for teenagers and young investors - helping them attain financial success and simultaneously promote the welfare of dogs worldwide. CyberPubs will also be donating $200,000 to charity Apon 100% mint.

This project has over 10,000 tokens worth 2 SOL a mint with unique styles and looks and also boasts a fascinating story to connect with the interests of dog lovers - suggesting an impending extinction of Pugs in the near future, resulting in them being stranded on a barren and inhospitable scrap of land and ultimately evolving to become CyberPugs

Roadmap of CyberPugs NFT

The CyberPugs roadmap plan consists of five stages, starting from the users reaching the first 20% on its launch date by joining Discord.

In the second stage, upon reaching 40%, a PugLife soundtrack will be released as a giveaway.

In the third stage, when the users hit the 60% mark, they will be able to get their CyberPugs collection verified.

In the fourth stage, upon reaching 80% CyberPugs’ first comic book will hit the market.

Lastly, in the fifth stage, completing 100%, the CyberPugs community will create unique merchandise - such as stickers, clothing, and plush pugs. The CyberPugs NFT holders in this stage will receive special surprise gifts.

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