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IndustryKitchenware - retail
Founded1970; 54 years ago (1970)
FounderBrowne Group Inc.
Number of locations
Area served

Cuisipro is a Canada based leading manufacturer of cookware products.[1] The company was founded in 1970 by Peter Browne of Browne & Co. The company is best known for its high-quality, innovative tools and appliances such as measuring cups/spoons, tongs, apple corer, SGT graters, fat separator and kitchen gadgets. Cuisipro is headquartered in Markham, ON Canada with worldwide operations.[2][3][4]

Cuisipro products are available on all major online shopping websites and physical stores across the world.[5][6]


Cuisipro was founded in the late 1970s to serve as a basic line of “off the shelf” items primarily for the foodservice industry in the Canadian market. In the late 1990’s, Cuisipro developed the brand for the retail market with the aim to revolutionize the global bakeware and cookware industry. Since the inception of the company, Cuisipro has offered quality items and has become one of the highly acclaimed for design, quality and innovation.[7][8][9]

Since its inception, Cuisipro has designed a number of unique products that have changed the course of the entire food industry such as Donvier Ice Cream Maker (world’s first ice-cream maker that requires no electricity), Yogurt Cheese Maker (with patented strainer), Tongs (with patented locking mechanism), Original Measuring Cups, Silicone Whisks, Splatter Screen, 3-in-1 baster with a screw-on bulb, The Roast and Serve Rack with a removable pin, Scoop and Stack Ice Cream cylinders, Collapsible Yogurt Maker and award winning Fat Separator.[10][11]

Cuisipro was able to achieve this global reach with their constant expansion of inventory and evolution concerning the market demands.[12][13]


Tools & Gadgets

Spice Mills and Oil Dispensers Colanders and Strainers Fruit and Vegetable Tools

Peel & Chop

Graters Peelers Chopping Boards


Spatulas and Food Turners Spoons and Ladles Whisks and Tongs Food Mill and Mashers Serving Tools Cookware Sets Mix & Measuring cups Mixing Bowls


Baking Pans Decorating Tools Baking Sheets and Cooling racks Dessert making tools

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