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Crypto Joints NFT
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CryptoJoints NFT is a one-of-a-kind NFT project that intends to broaden cannabis research and administration of the medicinal uses of cannabis.[1] This NFT collection has been dedicated to pioneering a steadfast movement in the crypto space - making NFTs more involved in the advancement of medicinal cannabis.[2]

CryptoJoints is a collection of 5000 NFT that's been set up in a polygon network. During the project's initial stages, the founders will give away 130 awards of 1 ETH to the holders. CryptoJoints will be available for minting on OpenSea[3] at 0.08 ETH, then the floor price is going to increase to 0.1 ETH.[4]


CryptoJoints was founded with the goal of expanding research and diversifying the administration of cannabis, as well as highlighting its therapeutic applications.[5] The project specifically aims to target young investors, company owners, lovers of trading, and long-term investors.[6]

What sets Cryptojoints apart is that it provides the holders a lifetime royalty program - where 80 percent of the proceeds from secondary sales go to the holders as prizes. Cryptojoints will give away 130 prizes of 1 ETH to the holders at the project's debut stage. Not only that it will also allow It offers holders a variety of earning opportunities. It could be in the form of gifts derived from secondary sale commissions or a ten percent part of the research center's income once it is fully operating.[7]

Furthermore, the founders allow holders complete authority and freedom over their CryptoJoints. The tokens can be used as profile images, emblems for advertising campaigns, or even as their own metaverse skin in the future.[8]


The founders will allocate 20 ETH to improve their global marketing campaigns and 5 rewards of 1 ETH to its holders at 10% sellout.

When the project reaches a 25% sellout, the founders will invest 60 ETH in the project's research center and award 20 1 ETH rewards to its holders.

The project intends to embed CryptoJoints skins in various layers of the metaverse formed at 50% sellout, as well as give away 25 prizes of 1 ETH to lucky holders. This would allow token holders to dress up and appear as their tokens in the metaverse, providing the project a competitive advantage.[9]

When the project reaches a 75% sellout, the founders will invest an extra 100 ETH in its research center, bolstering its potential to contribute to the diversification of medical cannabis. The project will also give away 30 1 ETH awards to its community at this stage.

After selling out all 5,000 CryptoJoints, the founders intend to give back to their community by awarding 50 1ETH rewards. Finally, the project will invest an additional 30 ETH in its research center.


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