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Crypto Bull Society NFT
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Developer(s)Crypto Bull Society

Crypto Bull Society NFT is an NFT based artwork project designed by 3D Artist Gal Yosef and launched on November 29th, 2021.[1] The initial collection depicts 7,777 unique Crypto Bulls tokens, where every bull will be unique with hundreds of different traits and characteristics. The concept takes its inspiration from the original Charging Bull sculpture on Wall Street.[2][3]

Within a short period of time, the Crypto Bull Society has gained massive attention, attracting artists and NFT collectors alike. Its steadfast rise within the blockchain and artistic community has been covered by a number of media outlets including LA Progressive,[4] LA Wire,[5] Wall Street Invests,[6] NFT Radius,[7] Market Daily,[8] US Insider,[9] Crypto News,[10] and others.


Crypto Bull Society was created by Gal Yosef to bring the best art to the NFT arena, bridging the gap between actual art and collectibles. Yosef is an Israeli painter, sculptor, and 3D artist who is swiftly establishing himself as one of our generation's most significant digital artists. He has collaborated with some of the world's most well-known companies and artists such as LV, Dior, Justin Bieber, and Steve Aoki. His last NFT drop with Steve Aoki was auctioned off for USD 214.000 on Sotheby's Metaverse.[11]

More than 200 features identify the unique bulls of this NFT community. They include a wide range of caps and haircuts, as well as eyewear, accessories, and fashionable clothing. Holders will be able to stake their Crypto Bull at a mint price of 0.22 ETH (+gas fees) and even earn Bull Tokens, which can then be exchanged for a FREE Crypto Bear NFT.[12]


Crypto Bull Society NFT’s road map will comprise five stages, starting from the initial launch of this unique project on November 29th of 2021.

In the second stage, VIP artists will be able to put up their ‘Creative Bulls’ for staking - which will result in handsome rewards. Bull Token Holders, on the other hand, will be allowed to name their art piece and purchase rare new period status emblems.

In the third stage, Crypto Bull Society will launch physical merch and host live events in order to bring the spirit of this unique artistic society to life.

Crypto Bears will be introduced in the fourth stage, which will assist investors in keeping their hopes high and their assets safe during economic downturns.

After the completion of all these stages, the Crypto Bull Society's long-term development will be put into action by entering the metaverse. To attract a community of investors searching for unique and immersive projects, this society will focus on developing an environment that revolves around Art, NFT, and Crypto.

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