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Crypto Assassins NFT
Developer(s)Crypto Assassins
Platform(s)Solana blockchain
Release1 December 2021

Crypto Assassins NFT is an Solana based non-fungible token (NFT) project that depicts stealthy assassins. Crypto Assassins are created through a computer code that is generated algorithmically, it enables all characters to be distinguishable from one another while being similar in appearance. The project has 8,888 assassins in the collection, each of them has over 375 distinct traits and belongs to one of five separate factions which can be initially minted at 1 Sol.[1][2]

The ownership of an Assassin which gives users access to a special Discord channel where they will receive information from experts and influencers in both the Crypto and NFT about new ventures that are likely to succeed. Because all of the assassins are drawn by hand, Crypto Assassins are expected to have great value in the open market. The crypto art blockchain project is aimed to create an elite group the Brotherhood and initially revenues will be used to connect with Crypto influencers.[3]


The storyline of Crypto Assassins NFT revolves around assassins. For years, assassins have lurked in the shadows, making movements and quietly altering the course of history—and although assassins have changed in terms of their appearance and their presence, the identity and The Creed of an assassin has remained as unalterable as it has been.

The Brotherhood is a group of digital nomads and Assassins who have banded together to create opportunities for one another and for the greater good. Crypto Assassins are here to ensure that when one of us feeds, we all eat—and that if a bend on the path leads to loss, we will choose death over dishonour in the process. These are chumps' jobs—and this fraternity is founded on money, not shills' salaries. A project on Crypto-Assassins is distinct in that it is not about compromising; rather, it is about entrepreneurship and the type of opportunity that will transform the world, just as assassination has done for centuries.[4]


The ownership of a Crypto Assassin is tracked via the use of a smart contract on the Solona blockchain. Crypto Assassins are represented as NFTs, which means that they depend on their owners to ensure that they continue to exist. Because of the limited number of colourful Assassin that are released into circulation, as well as the restricted number of possible combinations, they are limited to 8888 Assassins in the collection. There can be a total of 6 million+ possible combinations of Crypto Assassin.[5]

Roadmap of Crypto Assassins NFT

  • Chapter 1: The Crypto Assassins Syndicate will be launched and conduct a presale for 1,000 Assassins. The process of becoming a member of The Brotherhood begins here.
  • Chapter 2: The main sale will be launched to sell all 8,888 Crypto Assassins
  • Chapter 3: Give away $15,000 SOL to the brotherhood community random members.
  • Chapter 4: Crypto Assassins will be listed on Solanart marketplace.
  • Chapter 5: The initiation ceremonial will be underway, in which individuals will be required to authenticate their Assassin holdings using Grape Protocol before being awarded a membership into The Brotherhood community.
  • Chapter 6: Inviting the best and brightest in the NFT/Crypto domain to join the Brotherhood and make calls, each with a brief but thorough explanation of why they are becoming involved in a project.
  • Chapter 7: The delivery of tangible prints of Assassins to the minters.
  • Chapter 8: Inaugural release of the exclusive Crypto Assassin retail shop, which will include limited edition collections of tee-shirts, sweatshirts, and other apparel.


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