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Founded2015; 9 years ago (2015)
HeadquartersLuxembourg City

Crixeo is a dot-com company founded in 2015, Crixeo is headquartered in Luxembourg City and has a footprint in New York, London, and Tel Aviv. The company provides product reviews, consumer news, and digital entertainment services through 158 web and media properties. As of September 2020, Crixeo’s Instagram account had 297,000 followers.

Crixeo sees itself as the “digital guardian” of the web. It’s editorial staff provides daily comparison charts and in-depth product reviews. Crixeo’s revenue comes from its advertising partners which allows its content to be provided as a free service to consumers.

Crixeo is constantly searching the web for the latest scams and questionable practices. The debt consolidation industry is of particular concern. Ed Miles, Crixeo’s personal finance guru, published multiple articles.

Products and Services

Crixeo provides free comparison charts, product reviews, and industry news for over 100 different industries, including:

  • Best Car Insurance Reviews
  • Best Dating Site Reviews
  • Best Debt Consolidation Reviews
  • Best Home Security Reviews
  • Best LLC Registration Reviews
  • Best Mattress Reviews
  • Best Meal Delivery Plan Reviews
  • Best Medical Alert System Reviews
  • Best Online Bank Reviews
  • Best Online Doctor Reviews
  • Best Online Therapy Review
  • Best Personal Loan Reviews
  • Best Psychic Reading Reviews
  • Best VPN Service Reviews
  • Best Weight Loss Plan Reviews


William Wrigley Jr. $3 Billion Chewing Gum Fortune

In 2003, Helen Rosburg, an heiress to the William Wrigley Jr. $3 billion chewing gum fortune and Chicago Cubs baseball team, founded her own fiction house The house initially focused on publishing mass market paperbacks in the categories of general fiction, romance, fantasy, paranormal, science fiction, mystery and thrillers.[1] In 2015, Helen Rosburg founded Crixeo (pronounced ˈkrē-zē-ō) as a new arts-and-culture website and a digital playground for the inspired and creative mind.[2] It covered everything from books, music, movies, fashion, and street art to design, technology, culinary arts, sports, and family. Through her fiction house, Helen Rosburg provided dynamic multimedia entertainment in collaboration with innovative writers, filmmakers, musicians, artists, and technologists. With a creative approach to book, music, and film production, the goal was to synergize the arts and cultivate developing technologies to carve a path on the leading edge of content delivery.

In 2010, Rosburg put an eye towards entering the movie and music business. In 2012, the company launched a new e-book format that featured a time-triggered reading experience that allowed the book to generate multiple story lines. In 2018, Rosburg walked away from the business to pursue charitable activities.

Intelligent Competition

Crixeo was then acquired by Intelligent Competition, a digital media joint venture financed by European and Israeli investors.[3]

Contributors to Crixeo include:

  • Gerard DePaul
  • Amado Castillo
  • Ed Miles
  • Ojeda Fuentes
  • Harold Maio
  • Veronica Baxter
  • Michael Collins
  • Jon Weiss
  • Terry Hatcher

Selected publications


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