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Cristina García
Vice President of Animalist Party with the Environment
Assumed office
16 October 2021
Personal details
Cristina García Salazar

(1987-03-25) 25 March 1987 (age 37)
ESP, Algeciras, Cádiz
Political party
    • Animalist Party with the Environment
Alma materUniversity of Cádiz
  • lawyer
  • politician

Cristina García Salazar (Algeciras, 1987)[1] is a lawyer specialising in animal law[2] and a Spanish politician. Vice President of the Animalist Party with the Environment (PACMA) since October 2021. [3]

Early life and education

Born in Algeciras, Spain, on 16 October 1987,[1] García graduated with a licentiate degree in Law from the University of Cádiz[4] and earned a master's degree in International Law. She works as a lawyer since 2011 and co-founded her own law firm, which specialised in animal law in 2020.[5]
Member of the Animal Law Section of the Malaga Law Society, being its team leader for two years.[5]
After her appointment as Vice President of the Animalist Party with the Environment (PACMA) in 2021, she assumes the position of Manager for the legal action and political action party's areas.[6]

Political career

She joined the Animalist Party with the Environment as a volunteer in 2016[5] and became Team Leader in Province of Málaga from 2017 to 2021,[7] when she was appointed Vice President.

In April 2019 she headed the PACMA electoral list for the Málaga district to the elections to the Senate of Spain.[8][9]

In the Andalusian Parliamentary Elections of 2022 she became the PACMA Candidate for the Presidency of the Junta of Andalusia.[2] [10]

In the municipal elections of May 2023, García is a Candidate for Mayor of Mijas [11][12][13] In the general elections of June 2023, she heads the PACMA lists for the Congress of Deputies in Málaga.[14]

Responsible for the legal and political areas of PACMA

At the beginning of 2022, PACMA fights at a political and legal level against animal testing after the scandal of the Vivotecnia case was uncovered,[15] meeting with the Science Park’ Managers of the University of Barcelona[16] and requesting the urgent suspension of the experiment with 38 Beagle puppies due to alleged irregularities, although this was rejected.[17]
In November 2022, PACMA presents its report “Lack of protection of children against the violence of bullfighting in Spain' before the Committee on Children's Rights of the United Nations Organization (UN) in which it denounces Spain because it considers that the Government does not protect children against bullfighting.[18] Following this report, the UN requests the Spanish State to provide "information on the measures adopted to outlaw the participation of children under 18 years of age as bullfighters and as spectators", not only in bullfights, but in any type of bullfighting event.[19]

In August 2023, PACMA gets the Supreme Court to grant it free justice to appeal against hunting with dogs in Extremadura.[20]In September 2023, PACMA and the organisation FAADA appeal to the "Defensor del Pueblo Andaluz" to act in response to the Silence procedure of the Junta de Andalucía due to the letter sent by both entities to address alternatives ethics of population control of invasive exotic fauna in the region.[21]


Political activist for animal rights[22] participates in demonstrations against bullfighting,[23] the "legalized mistreatment" of Mijas donkey taxis[24] or the octopus farm planned in Gran Canaria.
Involved in environmental protection like the Málaga Urban Forest[25] or the defense of “Vega Mestanza”.[26]

Cristina promotes veganism as a lifestyle, she attended as a guest in European Vegan Summit 2022[27] and at Veg Fest 2023.[5]


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