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Creative consultant is a credit that has historically been awarded to screenwriters who have advised on a movie script. This practise is especially prevalent in the past. In the world of television, those who are awarded this credit collaborate closely with an executive producer and a head writer/showrunner. They are engaged in the writing process, which includes the creation of narrative concepts and screenplays as well as their editing. Sometimes the title of executive consultant, narrative consultant, or script consultant is bestowed upon them.

The Writers Guild of America does not include "creative consultant" as one of the usual credits that are awarded to screenwriters and television writers for their work in cinema and television. If a person is going to be credited as a creative consultant in television or film, the WGA strongly advises against using credits that aren't on their list and mandates that a waiver be acquired beforehand. The fact that Tom Mankiewicz's credit as Creative Consultant on the picture Superman, which was released in 1978, came after the credits of the authors led to a disagreement, which Mankiewicz finally prevailed in. The Writers Guild of America (WGA) levied a fine against the makers of "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" in 1993 for giving writer Steve Oedekerk a credit as a creative consultant.