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Cornelia Lauf
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Born (1961-05-26) May 26, 1961 (age 63)
Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany
EducationOberlin College
Columbia University
Spouse(s)Joseph Kosuth (married 1987 - 2012)
Giuseppe Catalano (married 2013 - present)

Cornelia Lauf (born 1961), is an independent art historian and curator who lives in Rome, Italy[1]. She is the art director of Agricola Due Leoni, an organic olive oil company in Sabina, Italy. Lauf has curated exhibitions across the US and Europe. Founder of Camera Oscura, an avant-garde gallery in San Casciano dei Bagni, Tuscany[2]. She has also worked with creating numerous contemporary artist books. Lauf's work has specialized in monographs, collection-building, custom curatorial projects, artist's books, artist management, expertise in certificates by artists, and design/applied art by artists[3].

Early life and career

Lauf was born in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany in 1961 and emigrated to Detroit, Michigan in 1965, later moving to Durham, North Carolina. She went on to graduate from Oberlin College with a B.A. in Art History in 1983. She received her master's degree and Ph.D. from Columbia University by 1992[4]. After getting her education, she worked at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and then moved on to be Editor-in-Chief at Imschoot Uitgevers in Ghent, Belgium[5][6]. In 1995, Lauf was the founder and artistic director for Camera Oscura, in San Casciano Dei Bagni, a conceptual micro-gallery.In 2007[2], Lauf went on to co-found Three Star Books in Paris till 2015[4], producing books with contemporary artists. Lauf has curated award-winning exhibitions, such as Wall to Wall Carpets by Artists for the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland and In Deed: Certificates of Authenticity in Art an international traveling exhibition[7]. Currently, Lauf is the art director for Agricola Due Leoni and an art history professor at John Cabot University in Rome, Italy[8].

Personal Life

Cornelia Lauf married conceptual artist Joseph Kosuth in 1987 and separated in 2012. They had two daughters Noëma Kosuth born in 1993 and Kliò Kosuth born in 1995. Cornelia married Giuseppe Catalano, founder of Agricola Due Leoni in 2013. They currently run Agricola Due Leoni together in Sabina, Lazio outside of Rome, Italy producing extra virgin olive oil and wine with collaborations with contemporary artists, such as KAWS.

List of works


  • Thomas Frontini (2019)[9]
  • Emilio Prini: A Visual Bibliography (2018)[10]
  • On Neon in Neon in Contextual Play (2017)[11]
  • Color in Contextual Play (2017)[12]
  • Wall to Wall: Carpets by Artists (2016)[13]
  • Locating William Kentridge's Massive Mural in the Roman Landscape (2016)[14]
  • In Deed: Certificates of Authenticity in Art(2011)[15]
  • Editor 27 Homemade Henningsen Lamps(+1 Average Lamp) (2011)
  • Essay Walter Van Beirendonck: Dream in the World Awake (2011)
  • Essay, Christa Maria Lerm-Hayes, Beuysian Legacies in Ireland and Beyond: Art, Culture, and Politics (2011)[16]
  • Editor, Alison Knowles and Rirkrit Tiravanija, Men and Women Commonly Dress Alike (2011)
  • Editor, Matt Mullican, 88 Maps (2010)
  • Editor, Haim Steinbach, Objects (2009)
  • Editor, Maurizio Cattelan, Cattelan (2008)
  • Co-author, Katharina Sieverding (2001)[17]
  • Editor, Glenn O'Brien, Soapbox (1997)[18]
  • Editor, Hirsch Perlman, Stills From a Complete Conversation (1996)
  • Editor, Diana Thater, Electric Mind (1996)[19]
  • Editor, Eran Schaef, Folding Public Plans (1996)
  • Editor, Sarah Seager, Excuse My Dust (1994)
  • The Wealth of Nations (1993)[20]
  • Editor, Ken Lum, Speculations (1993)[21]

Exhibitions and Projects

  • Agricola Due Leoni, artist edition olive oil cans and events with Ryan Gander, Guillaume Bijl, Heimo Zobernig, Joseph Kosuth, Richard Merkle
  • Universal Gardens international curatorial project, 2020
  • Bronze Age Now with Sapienza University of Rome, John Cabot University, Temple University|Temple Universityof Rome, 2020[22]
  • Carmelo Nicotra Massimo Ligreggi Gallery, Catania, Summer to October 2019[23]
  • Art and Astronomy, 10 August Night of St. Lawrence event, Fondo Ambiente Italiano, Monte San Giovanni/ Sabina (2019)
  • Embroidery in Contemporary Art, Venice: Musei Civici Veneziani, Palazzo Mocenigo, one-day presentation and seminar, April 2018.[24]
  • Color in Contextual Play; Enrico Castellani, Lucio Fontana, Yves Klein, Joseph Kosuth, Piero Manzoni, Mazzoleni Gallery, London, June 2017 to October 2017, and Mazzoleni Turin, October 2017 to January 2018.[25]
  • Culture of Olive Oil, Frieze Masters VIP, October 2016[26]
  • Wall to Wall: Carpets by Artists, Cleveland: Museum of Contemporary Art, September, 2016.[27]
  • Carlo and Fabio Ingrassia, Rome: MACRO, 2016.[28]
  • European Glass Experience, Brussels and Venice: European Union/ Creative Europe and City of Venice, 2013–2015.
  • Manuel Gorkiewicz, special project, UrbanGlass, New York and MAK, Vienna, presentations, 2014[29]
  • Emilio Prini Brussels: Museum Cultuur Strombeek, October 2014.
  • A Very Light Art, Venice: Ca' Rezzonico and Musei Civici (MUVE), 2013. Stefano Arienti, Mario Airò, Cerith Wyn Evans, Flavio Favelli, Luigi Ontani, Heimo Zobering
  • Contemporary Oils, agricultural labels with artists, Castel S. Pietro (RI), Italy. 2012
  • Indeed: Certificates of Authenticity in Art, co-curator with Susan Hapgood, traveling exhibition (Vleeshal, Middelburg; Bevilacqua La Masa, Venice; KHOJ, New Delhi; Mumbai Art Room; Nero HQ; School of the Art Institute, Chicago; The Drawing Center, New York; CCA, Vilnius), 2011–2012.[30]
  • Dennis Balk, [advisor to Valeria Romagnini Sulfato and Michela Bortolozzi], Book Fair, Venice, 2011.
  • Church of Scansorosciate and University Gregoriana Project, 2011.
  • Gabi Dziuba/Christian Phillip Müller, Modena: Galleria Civica, 2009.
  • Heimo Zobernig, Galleria Civica di Modena, 2008.
  • Tristano di Robilant, DARC/Museo Boncompagni Ludovisi, Rome, 2007.[31]
  • Vladimir Radunsky, John Cabot University, Rome, 2006.
  • Robert Smithson, American Academy in Rome, 2003.
  • Joan Jonas and Elisabetta Benassi, American Academy in Rome, 2003.
  • Toshiko Mori and Verde Visconti, American Academy in Rome, 2002.
  • D.J. Spooky, American Academy in Rome, 2003
  • Dale Haven Loy. United States of America. Embassy, Rome, and Palazzo Firenze, Rome, 2002.
  • Mesopotamia: Gino de Dominicis, Alighiero Boetti, and Near Eastern Archaeological Photographs, American Academy in Rome, 2002.
  • Fellowship: Photographs from the Photographic Archive, American Academy in Rome, 2002.
  • Katharina Sierverding, Casa di Goethe, Rome, 2001. With Ludovico Pratesi. Traveling to Weimar (Stiftung Weimarer Klassik).
  • Konstantin Grcic, Casa di Goethe, Rome, 2000. With Ludovico Pratesi. Traveling to Weimar (Nationalmuseum Stiftung Weimarer Klassik, and Harvard, Busch Reisinger Museum, Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • Artisti Collezionisti, Palazzo delle Papesse, Siena, November-January 2001. Co-curator, Pieranna Cavalchini.[32]
  • Artist/Author, NY: DAP, 1998. MOCA, Chicago and New Museum, NY. Co-curator with Clive Philpot.
  • Ken Lum, Sarah Charlesworth, Michel Zumpf, Clegg & Guttmann, David Byrne, Heimo Zobernig. Santa Maria della Scala, Siena, 1997–1999.
  • Camera Oscura, San Casciano dei Bagni, Italy, 1995–1999. Over seventy exhibitions involving art, craft, and agriculture.
  • Melissa McGill and Sandra Hastenteufel, Incontri Internazionali, Venice, 1993.
  • Marc Goethals, Château de Courances, France, 1992.
  • Wealth of Nations. Center for Contemporary Art, Warsaw, Poland, 1992.
  • Jan Dibbets/Joseph Kosuth: Homage to Adolfo Boni, S. Casciano Bagni, 1991.
  • FluxAttitudes (curated with Susan Hapgood), New Museum of Contemporary Art, and Hallwalls, Buffalo, 1991–1993.[33]
  • Arte Domani, Spoleto, Italy, 1990. With Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Chris Williams, Jessica Diamond, and Lincoln Tobier.
  • Natura Naturata, New York: Josh Baer Gallery, 1989. Group exhibition.[34]
  • Similia Dissimilia. New York and Düsseldorf: Leo Castelli Gallery and Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, 1987. Group-curated. Catalogue by Rizzoli.[35]
  • Coordinator. Non-Objectivity and Realism: Twentieth Century Painting from the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Guggenheim Museum,New York and Colgate University, Hamilton, New York, 1986
  • Coordinator. A Quiet Revolution: American Abstract Art from the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Guggenheim, N.Y. and Columbia Art Museum, S.C., 1986.


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