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Corey Shader
Corey Shader.JPG
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
CitizenshipUnited States of America
Alma materFlorida State University
OrganizationStartup Founder

Corey Shader is an American entrepreneur, independent business consultant, and the founder of many successful companies, notably Insurance Pipeline Inc., a healthcare agency specializing in affordable healthcare products and solutions for seniors.

Corey is renowned for his close association with many successful startups. Under his guidance, many companies have acquired customers and streamlined processes to maximize their bottom line. Corey’s knowledge and success in real estate, insurance, and entrepreneurship has been featured in many online publications, including APG, Business News Ledger, The Real Deal, and The Slice Mami Tribune.

Background and career

In 2012, Corey Shader founded the Health Alliance Group as he realized the need for affordable healthcare options. The Health Alliance Group provides solutions through consumer-facing products for dental, vision, preventative care, and lab and wellness programs.

The Health Alliance Group strives to help companies grow by providing healthcare products that increase revenue and surpass customer expectations. Corey and his team help their clients achieve this goal through innovative marketing, customer retention, strategic planning, and unrivaled leadership. Under Corey’s watch, the Health Alliance Group ballooned, expanding by 300 agents in just three years.

Corey is also the founder of Insurance Pipeline Inc., a Health Insurance Agency that provides resources and support to seniors who require assistance navigating the complex world of senior healthcare benefits and options. Insurance Pipeline Inc. specializes in Medicare supplements, including Medicare Parts A and B (Original Medicare) and D (Prescription Drug Coverage).

Shader also works as a consultation expert. From Fortune 500 companies to startups and individual entrepreneurs, he has advised his clients regarding real estate, financial improvement, and asset speculation. Corey helped institutions and companies achieve their goals through self-improvement seminars.

On October 21st, Shader announced the creation of a new professional website to help clients better access information about Corey and the stable of revolutionary companies he has started across a wide range of industries.


Corey makes regular contributions to youth development programs. He is working towards establishing a non-profit organization to further his passion for supporting individuals and communities. He chaired boards of many digital media and senior healthcare agencies.

He is passionate about helping others elevate their consciousness through lifestyle practices that can help them achieve a deeper state of awareness.

Personal life

Corey Shader regularly spends time helping others develop skills related to practical entrepreneurship, e-commerce success, and niche marketing tactics.

When Shader isn’t focused on business, he enjoys spending his time traveling with family or friends. He can often be found doing yoga, breath work or other things that help improve his spiritual practice. He is often golfing and boating with friends in his hometown of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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