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Corey Nislow
New York, U.S.
Alma materNew College (Sarasota, Florida), B.A.University of Colorado, PhD
Spouse(s)Guri Giaever
Scientific career
FieldsGenetics, Genomics, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Drug Discovery and Development, Astrobiology
Doctoral advisorRichard McIntosh

Corey Nislow is an American geneticist and molecular biologist. He is a Professor of Genomics, Professor of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, and Professor of Drug Discovery and Development at the University of British Columbia.

Corey Nislow achieved his bachelor of arts in developmental biology at New College (Sarasota, Florida).In 1994, He completed his PhD in cell and molecular biology at the University of Colorado (Boulder, Colorado) under the supervision of Professor Richard McIntosh. Nislow then pursued Postdoctoral studies for the American Cancer Society. He spent 6 years working in several Bay Area Biotechs and has co-led (with his spouse, Guri Giaever, who is also a Professor at the University of British Columbia) genomics laboratories at Stanford University, University of Toronto, and University of British Columbia. Corey Nislow is considered one of the leaders of chemogenomics and drug research mostly because of the technique, HIP-HOP, introduced by him and Guri Giaever[1][2]. He is an accomplished academic with 190 peer-reviewed publications and more than 10 US patents[3].He is also known for his studies in the field of space biology, where he has been studying molecular mechanisms affected by microgravity and cosmic radiation[4].


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