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Developer(s)Artificial Core
Publisher(s)Artificial Core
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows
ReleaseOpen Beta in Q4 2020

Corepunk is an upcoming, massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by Artificial Core.[1] Announced in December 2019, the game is currently in the alpha testing stage,[2] and the Open Beta test is planned for late 2020 on the Microsoft Windows platform.[3]

The visual concept of the Corepunk's world combines cyberpunk, steampunk, dark fantasy, and science fiction settings. Its announced business model is buy-to-pay with cosmetic microtransactions and battle passes that will not affect gameplay.[4]


Corepunk is an online role-playing game with an isometric camera view. Heroes are controlled by a mouse, and all abilities require the use of a keyboard.

Players are free to explore a seamless open world, participate in trading and auctions, visit banks, craft goods, complete dungeons, or engage in open world PvP battles. Each type of activity is advanced and encouraged through a rating system. The fog of war in the game limits the visibility for each player; this mechanic can be used as a tactic in battles, opening up the possibility of being ambushed by other players. During the IGN Summer of Gaming showcase interview, Eugene Kiver, the producer, mentioned that 60% of the game would be high-level content, and 40% of the game content would help players to get there.[5]

Players can customize heroes within the roles of tank, healer, or damage dealer. Each playable character will have three weaponry specializations, six active skills, and eight slots for artifacts. Artifacts will have both active and passive abilities.


A Karma system is implemented as a part of PvP. When a player kills weaker players or abuses the open-world PvP system, they will gain a certain amount of Karma Points based on the level and equipment difference between the players. When a character reaches a certain level of Karma points, they are assigned “criminal” status, and the system will identify the player as a Player Killer. Upon death, there is always a small chance of losing an inventory item, but for a Player Killer the punishment will be more severe (with the possibility of losing one of their equipped artifacts).[6]


Corepunk is scheduled to implement a PvE system in the form of dungeons for solo mode, groups, and raids. Four members is a maximum size for a group, and raids are constrained to between 12 and 20 people. Random generated dungeons, mini-bosses, world bosses, wandering bosses, and a camp system with advanced AI are also planned to be implemented.[1]


The world of Corepunk is set in a persistent fictional world named Kwalat, inhabited by four cultures: Elaniens, Faidens, Quaddari, and Yorners.[7]

  • The Elanien Kingdom is a culture close to the forest and nature. They use plant energy to create ray guns and protect themselves from the horrors of the Valley of Sins.
  • The Clans of Faidens are fierce warriors who live in waterless deserts. They uphold the principles of honor and valor.
  • The Yorners are a culture that uses steam technology and values money.
  • The Quaddari are a cyberpunk culture whose society is highly corrupt: in their cities, crime and intrigue are hidden underneath the banner of absolute freedom. Quaddari treasure fashionable implants.[8]

Players can explore the world on foot, riding mounts, or using the transport system to reach cities and discover new locations where various useful NPCs and merchants can be found. Various locations will have a set of quests that represent only a part of the global story plot. Players will be able to discover the whole history of the world or only some parts of it, depending on how they will be playing.[9]


Corepunk is a first product of Artificial Core, a video game developer and publisher headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Business processes, marketing, and legal support are handled by the main office, while all the development takes place in Kyiv, Ukraine. The team has around 100 people.[9] In a Q&A session held on the official Discord server, developers mentioned that they had been developing the game for five years under a strict NDA.

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