Consort Zhuang

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Consort Zhuang
庄妃 王佳氏
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Died9 March 1811
Yuanmingyuan, China
Known forConsort of Jiaqing Emperor
  • Yilibu (father)

Consort Zhuang (庄妃 王佳氏; d. 9 March 1811) was a consort of Jiaqing Emperor.

Family background

Consort Zhuang came from an ancient Manchu Wanyan clan. Her personal name wasn't recorded in history.
Father: Yilibu, a provincial examination graduate (举人,pinyin:juren)[1]

Qianlong era

It is not known when Lady Wanggiya married Prince Jia of the First Rank as his mistress.[2]

Jiaqing era

In December 1796, Lady Wanggiya was given a title "First Class Female Attendant Chun" (春常在;"chun" meaning literally "spring") comparing her beauty to the eternal youth symbolized by spring. She was promoted to Noble Lady Chun (春贵人) in 1798[3]. In 1801, Noble Lady Chun was promoted to Concubine Ji (吉嫔, "ji" meaning "auspicious")[4]. In 1808, concubine Ji was promoted to Consort Zhuang (庄妃,"zhuang" meaning "dignified"). Consort Zhuang died on 9 March 1811 in the Western Garden in Yuanmingyuan. She remained childless until her death.Her coffin was temporarily placed in the Antian Memorial Palace.[5] Consort Zhuang was interred in the Chang Mausoleum in the Western Qing Tombs. Empress Xiaoherui personally took part in her funeral ceremony. It was uncommon for the empress to visit concubine's grave during the Qing dynasty reign[6].


During Qianlong era
  • Lady Wanggiya
  • Mistress (格格)
During Jiaqing era
  • First Class Femal Attendant Chun (春常在)-from 1796
  • Noble Lady Chun (春貴人)-from 1798
  • Concubine Ji (吉嬪)-from 1801
  • Consort Zhuang (莊妃)-from 1808


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