Consort Fang

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Consort Fang
芳妃 陳氏
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Died20 September 1801
Resting placeYu Mausoleum in the Eastern Qing tombs
OccupationConsort of Qianlong Emperor
  • Yanlun (father)
RelativesChen Ji (brother), Chen Hao (brother)

Consort Fang (芳妃 陳氏; d. 20 September 1801) was a consort of Qianlong Emperor.


Family background

Consort Fang was a member of Han Chinese Chen clan. Her personal name wasn't recorded in history. Her ancestral home was located in Yangzhou.

Father: Yanlun (延伦)[1]

Two elder brothers:

  • First elder brother: Chen Ji (陈济)[2]
  • Second elder brother: Chen Hao (陈浩), a magistrate of Yangguan (扬关任事, pinyin: yangguan renshi) in 1778[3]

Qianlong era

Consort Fang was born between 1749 and 1753. She entered the palace as “First Class Female Attendant Ming" (明常在, "ming" means "bright") in 1766 after Elegant Women Selection. Her residence became Yongshou palace in the Forbidden city (永寿宫). As a lower-ranking imperial concubine, she lived under the supervision of Concubine Shun and Consort Shu. In 1775, lady Chen was promoted to "Noble Lady Ming" (明贵人). She was accused by Empress Dowager Chongqing of harming imperial child and demoted to "First Class Female Attendant Ming". In 1780, she was restored as "Noble Lady Ming". In 1794, she was promoted to Concubine Fang[4] (芳妃, "fang" meaning "fragrant") and moved to Yonghe palace (永和宫) on the east side of the Forbidden city.[5]

Jiaqing era

In 1798, Emperor Emeritus Qianlong promoted Concubine Fang to Consort Fang (芳妃).[6] Consort Fang died in 1801 and was interred at Yu Mausoleum in the Eastern Qing tombs.




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