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A computer file is a computer resource used for storing data in a computer storage device that is largely recognised by the file name that it has been assigned. Data may be written into a computer file in the same way that words can be printed onto paper. A computer system's files may be modified and transmitted through the Internet on that specific computer system.

The many sorts of computer files are intended to serve a variety of functions. A file may be used to hold a range of different types of data, including an image, a written message, a video, a computer programme, and a variety of other types of data. Certain files have the capability of storing various data kinds at the same time.

Opening, reading, changing, saving, and closing a computer file are all made possible via the use of computer programmes. Computer files can be reopened, changed, and copied an unlimited number of times without losing their integrity.

Files are often organised in a file system, which keeps track of where files are located on a computer's hard drive and allows users to access them.