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A sports coach is a person who instructs and trains athletes, and who is responsible for the direction, teaching, and training of a sports team or individual athlete.

Descriptional knowledge and procedural knowledge are required by coaches for all areas of coaching, with skilled coaches able to use tacit knowledge more freely than novice coaches. Teachers' knowledge has been classified in the same way as coaches' knowledge has been classified, with a variety of terminology being employed. There are several categories that come under the headings of content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, and pedagogical-content knowledge. Interpersonal knowledge, on the other hand, has been taken into consideration while examining the necessity to create connections with people and sportsmen. The inclusion of intrapersonal knowledge has been included while discussing professional growth, which necessitates the development of abilities to learn from experience while applying reflective practise.

The absence of a former professional player from a team's roster is unusual in professional sports, yet the knowledge bases of playing and coaching are vastly different. It is possible to develop healthy thinking habits, maturity, wisdom, and the ability to make sensible decisions as a result of a mix of professional, interpersonal, and intrapersonal knowledge.