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City of Gold NFT
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City of Gold NFT is a collection of 10,000 digital real estate NFTs consisting of 100 base models. The project allows members to stake their land NFTs to earn and utilize $COG tokens for special reward programs. ERC-20 token is used to reward residents with staked assets and to gain access to the golden circle. The COG holders also stand a chance to learn weekly from the founders on how they built multiple million dollar businesses and implement the same strategies they used to build their own.


The concept of City of Gold is brought about by Gabriel Pfeifer and Alex Davila. The project is inspired by the ancient myths of El Dorado and the City of Gold, the rise of play-to-earn games, and the need to bridge the online gold rush with real world wealth principles. The City of Gold aims to decentralize government controlled education and the 1% with a focus on enriching members online and offline by empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs.

City of Gold targets NFT lovers and metaverse enthusiasts with an aim to build a community of 7 and 8 figure entrepreneurs. COG will also bring keynote speakers to empower the community on building businesses, and investing in crypto, NFTs and real estate.

Types and Attributes

The City of Gold NFT consists of 100 base models catering to 10,000 digital real estate NFTs.

Roadmap of City of Gold NFT

City of Gold NFT is set to launch in May 2022.

The phase 1 of COG project will witness minting of the NFTs followed by a governance token in the form of a virtual mansion and plot of land. Launching of ERC-20 tokens will also take place and holders will be able to stake their NFTs which is covered in their recently publish gold paper.

During phase 2, the first virtual event of the City of Gold will take place. Along with land development, the team will also release a second collection of highrise units.

The members will be able to access metaverse to hangout with their friends and other community members. The second virtual event of COG will also be hosted during phase 3.

At the onset of phase 4, avatar creation for the City of Gold will begin and the alpha version will be dropped. Along with the third virtual event, the fourth stage of minting will take place.

During phase 5, the final mint of residential plots will take place and avatar creation services will get available to the public. At this time, the COG NFT holders will also be able to access the marketplace to purchase digital/physical within the city of gold. The project’s fourth virtual event will also be held.

Phase 6 will witness selling out of commercial land and avatar creation for token holders will be completed. The community can begin submitting proposals and the fifth virtual event will be held.


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