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Cinder IO NFT
Genre(s)Virtual World

Cinder is a blockchain-driven maker space and social network set in an online virtual world. It was announced November 27, 2021 alongside the Cinder Fae, a collection of artist-curated NFT avatars that will enable owners to enter the world of Cinder when it launches in January 2022.[1]

The development team has noted two primary design pillars used in the creation of Cinder. First, that users will be able to create content such as avatars and environments in the world that they can tokenize, own, and sell; and second, that users will find valuable and meaningful social connections in Cinder.[2]

Cinder is unique among recent NFT launches with planned metaverse utility, in that the virtual world is actually available for NFT owners to enter immediately upon minting their avatar. The development team pedigree is another differentiating feature: WildWorks has over 18 years’ experience publishing massively multiplayer online games.


Cinder is being developed on WildWorks’ proprietary Jam.Net platform, which has been the foundation for massively multiplayer games such as Animal Jam. Unlike the company’s games for children, however, Cinder is targeted to adults and incorporates a “create to earn” economy that will enable users to earn money from the sale of custom avatars and other assets in the online world.[3]

Cinder incorporates the Solana blockchain for the tokenization and sale of NFTs that are the backbone of the virtual world’s economy and monetization. In order to enter the metaverse at launch, users will need to obtain one of the Cinder Fae NFTs and connect their Solana wallet to Cinder to validate ownership. The Cinder Fae are comprised of 11,111 unique playable avatars linked to NFTs on the Solana blockchain. These avatars incorporate 150 different characteristics of varying rarity, ensuring that each Cinder Fae avatar is a one-of-a-kind digital artwork.

WildWorks has announced that within a few months of Cinder launch, tools for the creation of new Fae avatars will be released to Cinder Fae owners, along with airdropped customization materials. Owners of the original Fae will be able to create new ones, tokenize them through Solana, and sell them on any Solana NFT exchange. The Cinder tools use proprietary weighted measurements to ensure each new avatar is sufficiently different from existing Fae before they can be minted, which assures the owner that the particular combination of traits and design elements they’ve chosen cannot be duplicated.

Other components of this create-to-earn economy the developer has announced include user-generated homes and play environments, new avatar types, and other world assets yet to be revealed.

Cinder Roadmap

The Cinder development team has published a roadmap for future development at The roadmap consists of 8 phases of development, the first 3 phases of which will be completed with the launch of the world and the Cinder Fae NFTs in January 2022.

The roadmap calls for the following enhancements to the Cinder project to be released in subsequent development phases:

In the fourth phase, WildWorks will release beta versions of the Avatar Editor tool, announce a schedule of live and in-world events for NFT owners, launch a feature enabling users to show off personal NFT collections in the world, and set the date for the next mint of original Cinder avatars.

The fifth phase will include rollouts of promised in-world and live events, the first look at the next avatar species, and a preview of an in-world UGC marketplace.

The Cinder marketplace will be launched in the sixth phase, accompanied by an airdrop of partnership content and a detailed roadmap for the subsequent 12 months of development.

The seventh phase will consist of the release of new avatar species, a licensing summit, and the launch of an artist partnership roadmap. VR will also be supported in this update, and an exchange-traded token (Cinder cryptocurrency) will be launched.

The final phase of development on the current roadmap calls for incorporation of more sophisticated smart contract features, including fractional ownership of NFTs and player-to-player smart contracts.



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