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Chroma World NFT
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Developer(s)Chroma World

Chroma World is a unique abstract NFT project created with the aim to connect digital & physical art in multiple ways. Season one of this project is a collection of 9001 NFTs called the Abstractars, with over 300 hand drawn traits, as well as original 1 of 1’s. Each Abstractor is unique, and has its own abstract style.[1]

Chroma World aims at art lovers who are looking out for both physical, as well as digital forms. It has integrated the concept of 2D elements with the abstract character and plans to build into the Metaverse with the Abstract3D collection.[2]


The first season of Chroma World will premiere in 2022. It's a two-dimensional collection of abstract characters that also includes pixel art, simplistic, clean, greyscale, inverse reality, rare gold qualities, and a variety of other characteristics. There's also the Chroma World 'Feature Program,' which connects and supports other creators throughout the world, fostering a united community and encouraging others.[3]

Chroma World is developing a Loyalty and Rewards program for the community members who HODL Abstractars.

The Chroma World project is the first NFT digital project to feature a whole abstract collection. The collection's focus is on the background artwork; each background is handcrafted and unique and will be available in a range of styles and colors. The collection also pays homage to some of the space's most fascinating communities.



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