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Chiara Cantono
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Chiara Cantono, WT award 2018
Born (1963-06-20) June 20, 1963 (age 60)
Years active21
Known forWT Award
Notable work
WT Hotel

Chiara Cantono (born 20 June 1963 in Milan) is a famous Italian architect, CEO of the Well-Tech Studio in Milan and the owner of Well-Tech Award known for her global work and a holder for various awards.

Early Life

At 1989 Chiara Cantono graduated with honors at the Polytechnic_University_of_Milan|Milan Polytechnic Faculty of Architecture, with Industrial Design specialization, with a thesis directed by Professor Thomas Maldonado. Between 1989 and 1999 Chiara Cantono collaborates with renowned design studios in Milan where she acquired the skills related to architectural, interior design and master-plan projects, but also to the development, marketing and product communication. Then Between 1994 and 1999 Thanks to a series of studies, research and professional experience in Italy, Switzerland and the United States, where she lived for long periods, she directs her activities to new functional concepts and application of new generation materials and, high performance, interactive and environmentally friendly technologies. She cooperated in design and projects with renowned companies in Italy and abroad including Epson, Fiat Group, Fujitsu Siemens Computers, Ford, Whirlpool, Osram. She experimented with new functional concepts and advanced materials. Her projects received important recognition's in Italy and abroad and they were presented in numerous exhibitions and publications.

Foundation of WT Studio

In 1999 She founded the WT Project design studio in Milan, with a permanent observatory for technological innovation. Every year the WT Project Observatory identifies hundreds of materials, technologies and products among the most internationally advanced for technological innovation, sustainability and formal and functional relevance. The know-how and expertise of the observatory and the competence in architecture and design development and communication are put at the service of clients that want to develop new projects with high innovation concepts. WT Project encourages the cooperation between companies from different sectors for the opening of new markets through strategic projects that require the involvement of different skills.

Well-Tech Award

From 2001 She founded and became the president of WT Award, international award for technological sustainable innovation, in collaboration with the Province of Milan, with the aim to promote and disseminate a policy of sustainable development.

2004 With the WT Project team she started to work actively in the contract sector with the involvement in more and more relevant projects at international level. She participates in numerous commitments, competitions and conferences in Italy and abroad. Her projects make use of alternative energy systems and eco-friendly materials, but also offers the latest generation intelligent, interactive, sensorial technologies. In her projects she mixes technological innovation with elegant clean lines, fine materials, iconography of the natural world, becoming the bearer of the values of made in Italy design.

2008 She launches a new challenge in architectural design for the contract sector, the WT Hotel project. A biennial project involving the WT Team in the development of innovative and visionary design concepts for advanced accommodations. The project includes a research phase for the analysis of trends and identification of materials, products and technologies appropriate to meet all aspects of the project: formal excellence, functionality, sensory stimulation, sustainability, business effectiveness, communication strength. Among the partners are Sony, Nespresso, Moroso.

From 2009 WT Project acquires a leading international relief. Government institutions, and international real estate companies invite WT Project to participate in exclusive urban and architectural competitions. Thanks to the increasing WT sustainable design and visionary skills, Chiara Cantono is invited to present the most innovative WT projects at prestigious global exhibitions, and to speak at international conferences. This growing recognition, leads WT Project to expand its international activity in Europe, China, UAE, Saudi Arabia, India.

2009 - 2015 WT International Tour. WT Project is invited to present its projects at major international Contract, Architecture and Real Estate fairs: Host - Milan, Horeca - Athens, Hotel Show - Dubai, Cityscape - Dubai, Hotelex - Shanghai, Index - Dubai, Covering - Dubai.

2014 WT Project launches “WT Smart City Award” in collaboration with Province of Milan, international prize for sustainable architecture open to the best worldwide architects. Select every year twenty projects most relevant for sustainability, innovation and quality of life.


between the numerous WT Project awards and international recognitions:

Gold Medal Designer Club CBDA – China,

First Prize Langqi Master plan – China,

Cityscape Award – Dubai,

Best Selection Radical Innovation in Hospitality Project,

Best Selection Interior Design Award – section Hospitality,

Wan Award – section Concept Hotel,

Horeca first prize Hotel Design Greece,

Best Selection for Middle East Hotel Awards,

Golden Bund Design Award – Shanghai,

Selection for Doha Corniche Master plan competition - Doha

Well Tech Award

The Well-Tech Award, also known as the “WT Award”, is an international award for technological innovation in design coordinated by Well-Tech Architecture & Design Studio in Milan, Italy, in collaboration with "Città metropolitana di Milano" and the Polytechnic University of Milan. The winning projects are selected by a committee of members from the event's sponsors, and the president of Milan Città Metropolitana authorities. The projects are exhibited during the Milan Furniture Fair event, also known as Milan Design Week. The projects represent technological innovation, sustainability, accessibility, and contribution to a quality of life.

Teaching and Conferences

Design Theatre, Dubai speaker "Innovative and sustainable vision in architecture and design"

The Hotel Show, Dubai speaker at Vision Conference "Sustainable hotel - is it possible?"

Tonji University, Shanghai, course master EMDM “Executive Master of Design Management

Politecnico di Milano, collaboration with “Comitato Scientifico Politecnico Innovazione”,

Politecnico di Milano, collaboration with “Design and Innovation for Sustainability research unit”

Istituto Universitario Architettura di Venezia, course “new materials in design”

Istituto Europeo di Design, coordination thesis "Milano Expo 2015" in collaboration with Caimi Brevetti and Provincia di Milano,

Istituto Europeo di Design, coordination thesis “New landscape for Milan Expo 2015” in collaboration with ATM and Provincia di Milano,

Hotelex, Shanghai speaker at Forum “Delivering Inspiration from Technology to Design”

Hotelex, Shanghai speaker at Forum “International Hospitality Design & Engineering Forum”,

Hotelex, Shanghai speaker at Forum “No Limits to Design: Bridging the Communication Gap”

Naba, course “Sustainable Architectural Design”

Speaker at “International Design Master Summit Forum ” Hangzhou, China,

Province of Milan, coordinator WT PROJECT Award, International Innovation Technology Prize since 1999

IQPC, speaker at the summit Hotel Design & Development Russia & Cis,

Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia di Milano, workshops “Innovation Design, new technologies and materials”

Main Exhibitions

WT Design Theatre - The Hotel Show - Dubai - 2015

WT Project, Cityscape - Dubai - 2015

Future Interior Design Experience, Index - Dubai - 2015

Future Material Experience, Covering Middle East - Dubai - 2015

WT Project Sustainable planning and visionary design, Cityscape - Dubai - 2014

Future Hotel Sustainable Vision - The Hotel Show - Dubai - 2014

WT Vision, Cityscape - Dubai - 2013

WT Energy Hotel, Hotel Show - Dubai - 2013

WT Vision, Hotelex - Shanghai - 2012

WT Hotel Skin, Hotelex - Shanghai - 2011

Future Hotel Skin, Horeca - Athens - 2011

WT Hotel Skin, Host - Milan 2011

Future Hotel White, Horeca - Athens - 2010

WT Hotel, Horeca - Athens - 2009

WT Hotel, Host - Milan - 2009

WT Village, Milan Design Week - Milan - 2005 to 2014

WT Award, Palace of Province of Milan - Milan - 2007 to 2015

WT Innovation Event, Museo della Scienza e della Tecnica - Milan - 2004 - 2006

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