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Chad Ehlers
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Chad Vincent Ehlers

(1983-11-11) November 11, 1983 (age 38)
Other namesmaster creator/da_chad
CitizenshipUnited States
EducationMaster’s degree in Athletic Science and Kinesiology
Alma mater
  • Cleveland State Community College
  • LSU
  • University of Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • Southern Adventist University
  • Registered nurse
  • social media influencer
Height5 ft 10 in (178 cm)
  • Michael Ehlers (father)
  • Lisa Stubbs (mother)

Chad Ehlers (born 11 November 1983), popularly known as Da_Chad, is an American social media influencer, motivational leader, inspirational speaker, humanitarian, and nurse. Da_Chad is recognized as one of the leading TikTokers and is the founder of The Chad Change, a platform where numerous influencers work together to promote positivity in the community.[1][2]

Ehlers is the recipient of the Top scholar Genius award and was even presented with the title of a Golden Glove. Up until now, he has secured over 800k followers on TikTok, having over 15 million likes.[3] He has been featured in several media outlets for his contribution to society, such as Influencive, Forbes, The American Reporter, NY Weekly, US Times Now, LA Wire, and others.

Early life and education

Ehlers was born on 11 November 1983 to Lisa Stubbs and Michael Ehlers in New Orleans, Louisiana. He grew up with six brothers and sisters and was diagnosed with ADHD at an early age. Ehlers was an exceptionally smart kid and was accepted to college on a top scholar program when he was in 6th grade. During high school, Ehlers enjoyed playing percussion beats, dancing and was involved in several other sports.

Later, Ehlers completed his college education from different colleges - Cleveland State Community College, LSU, University of Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Southern Adventist University. He holds an Associate degree in nursing, a Bachelor’s degree in exercise science, and a Master’s degree in Athletic Science and Kinesiology.


Ehlers started his career as a medical nurse but later turned to pursue a career as a social media influencer. Ehlers, with the introduction of TikTok, started sharing motivational videos under the name Da_Chad. Soon he started The ChadChange Movement, a platform dedicated to the upliftment of people suffering from depression, anxiety, mental health disorders, domestic violence, abuse, and cancer.[4][5] Ehlers started this movement with the aim to spread positivity in the community and help make this world a better place.[6]

Since its inception, several people have joined The ChadChange Movement, and each member has received regular inspiration and motivation that helps them get through their daily struggles and needs.[7] This movement by Ehlers has not only supported numerous people but also helped them to cope with the most difficult and trying times.[8]

Personal life

Ehlers’ former wife suffered from chronic depression and attempted suicide. After coping up with the loss of a loved one, he married Ruslana Ehlers, and they have a daughter together - Mia Ehlers, who is suffering from leukemia. Ehlers is currently divorced from Ruslana Ehlers.

Ehlers has always found comfort in listening to music. He often listens to songs to relieve stress and cope with life.

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