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ReleaseNovember 2021

CelebrateNFT is a blockchain-based membership card developed by Celebrate.io that allows exclusive access to Celebrate marketplace as well as lifetime access to CelebrateNFT DAO. The members will have access to their Multiverse and can share them with friends. CelebrateNFT is one of the earliest initiatives to deploy blockchain technology for membership cards to create wearables that are only available in the metaverse and extend their brand IP and product into the metaverse.[1]

Anyone can create a free account on CelebrateNFT and can be a part of the very first Multiverse Marketplace ever created. The marketplace will also feature exclusive NFT drops. CelebrateNFT has a collection of 10,000 VIP memberships, and each user can mint one CelebrateNFT membership card.[2]


CelebrateNFT has a total of 10,000 membership cards built on Ethereum's blockchain technology. The membership card can be bought through Meta Mask wallet that are priced at 0.065 ETH. Users can mint a CelebrateNFT membership card with a limitation of one membership card for one account, and it will appear in their Celebrate Account and as well their Meta Mask Wallet.[3]

The membership cards can be minted in five rounds where 1,500 cards are available for CelebrateNFT accounts created on its official website. VIP members will have access to premium features such as exclusive drops, Community DAO, pre-mint entries, ETH giveaways, VIP lounge, sneak peeks, and voting rights.[4]


The ownership of the CelebrateNFT membership card is a non-fungible token (NFT) and can be verified through the blockchain. Based on the limited number of membership cards that are stored on the smart contract, the ownership cannot be transferred without the cardholder’s permission.

Roadmap of CelebrateNFT Membership Card

On November 12, the first 2,000 VIP membership NFTs will be made available for purchase.

At 20% membership cards sold: the first glimpses of metaverse wearable collaborations will be revealed, which will be available for purchase once their marketplace goes online.

At 40% of the membership cards have been sold: the marketplace will go online, and their first collections will be made available to the public.

At 60% of the membership cards have been sold: CelebrateNFT will be holding a giveaway in which 200 VIP members will each get $500 in ETH.

At 80% of the membership cards have been sold: They will establish Community DAO, in which VIP holders will have voting rights, and also offer tokenomics to their community after this launch. They will also make their VIP lounge available on their discord server, where they will hold raffles, airdrops, and other events for members of their community.

At 100% of the membership cards have been sold: one VIP member will receive $100,000 in ETH.


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