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Cat People NFT
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Cat People is a collection of 9,999 3D-rendered NFTs living in the Ethereum blockchain. The project aims to create an NFT framework in which contributors can earn an income when players interact with their creations. Collectors will be able to take their cats into the 3D space and interact with their art. Members can socialize with fellow cat citizens, roam around, and explore the metaverse.[1]


Cat People has a backstory that features their civilization from another galaxy that discovered Earth after the human race was wiped out whilst on a search for a new source of energy. By adopting some remnants of Earth such as clothing, the Cat People and the humans’ cultures merge.[2]

The 3D cats have been rigged and optimized fully, meaning they are game-ready, and collectors will be able to take their cats into the 3D space to interact with their NFTs later on in the project’s timeline.[3]

Types and Attributes

The base look of the cat has rounded eyes and plump cheeks. The cats come in different outfits to make them unique, and accessories like viking helmets, spiked leather jackets, pirate hats, and samurai helmets are the distinctive features that differentiate one cat from the other. Each cat on the token jumps out in a distinctive manner. The cats speak to the observer in different ways based on their outfits and colors.[4]

Roadmap of Cat People

The NFT collection had its pre-sale mint for whitelisted wallets on March 3, 2022 at 12:00 CST. The public sale followed immediately the day after.[5]

A lite paper containing the details of the project’s long term plans is already published.


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