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Cantomando is a digital media brand centered around a Youtube channel (with the same name), featuring Sheldon Ho, Mike Wu and Edward Leung. Founded in 2016 , the channel is a comedy channel that focuses on the intricacies of the life of chinese diaspora. [1] Collectively, their Youtube videos have surpassed 39 million views. [2]

Cantomando uses comedy and language to highlight the life of chinese diaspora. Their videos are for the most part English, but they frequently use Cantonese and Mandarin in their videos (their mother tongues). They are known for using a mix of the languages which they refer to as "Chinglish" [3]

Their content has been praised as harnessing “comedy not only for the sake of laughs, but also to bring focus to important issues facing Asians in a more light-hearted way” [4]


The trio met in high school and they attended Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School.

Sheldon Ho was born in 1995. He studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Waterloo. He also spent a semester abroad at Nanyang Technological University. He’s fluent in French, English, Mandarin and Cantonese. His family comes from Macau.[5]

Mike Wu was born in 1995 in Beijing. He studied Urban Planning at the University of Waterloo. He’s fluent in English and Mandarin. [6]

Edward Leung was born in 1995. He studied Commerce at Queen’s University. He’s fluent in French, English, Mandarin and Cantonese. His father is from Hong Kong, and his mother is from Guangzhou. [7]

Youtube career

Sheldon began posting Youtube videos of himself teaching Mandarin and Cantonese in 2016. He quickly expanded beyond teaching videos, and began making comedy skits. It was at that point that his two best friends, Edward and Mike joined.

In April 2017, their first widely-shared video was released called “Every Asian American Ever”. The video obtained over 800,000 views on Facebook. [8]

In May 2019, the group quit their jobs to pursue Youtube full-time. They published a video on this titled ‘I Told My Mom I Quit My Job, Her Reaction Will Make You Cry’

Cantomando also took part in a charity basketball game for the Jeremy Lin Foundation. [9]The event featured many notable guests such as Simu Liu, Wong Fu Productions, The Fung Brothers, Jason Chen, Hudson Yang, Jake Choi and more.

Their video for Koodoo won a Marketing Award for Multicultural Content in 2019.[10]

Cantomando has also appeared as a featured guest on Wong Fu Productions, and occasional guest appearances in their videos were made by Simu Liu.

Their channel currently has over 400,000 Subscribers on Youtube.


Cantomando has been invited to speak at numerous schools such as Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pittsburgh[11], Northwestern University [12] and McGill University[13]. At these schools, they speak about their experiences as Asian Americans. They speak about the different obstacles faced in the journey, and in doing so, they inspire others with their stories and experiences. [14]

They have stated that what fuels them most is promoting their language and culture.[15]

In the media



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