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Business magnates are referred to as entrepreneurs who have achieved significant success and vast riches via the ownership of many lines of company." The word often refers to a rich entrepreneur or investor who has influence over a corporation or industry whose products or services are widely consumed, either via personal enterprise ownership or by a dominating shareholding position in the company or industry. Individuals with these titles may also be referred to as barons, captains of industry, czar, moguls, oligarchs, plutocrats, taipans, or tycoons, among other titles.

In today's world, business magnates are entrepreneurs who have amassed enormous personal fortunes or are in control of big family fortunes while developing or operating their own firms. Some are well-known for their business endeavours, while others are well-known for highly visible secondary hobbies like as charity, political fundraising and campaign finance, and ownership or sponsorship of sports teams.

The terms mogul, tycoon, and baron were frequently used to describe business magnates in North America during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, particularly in extractive industries such as mining, logging, and petroleum, transportation fields such as shipping and railroads, manufacturing industries such as automaking and steelmaking, banking, and newspaper publishing. The Second Industrial Revolution, the Gilded Age, or the Robber Baron Era were all terms used to describe the period during which they ruled.