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Buja Express
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Type of site
  • News
  • entertainment
  • political website
Available inEnglish
Founded2019; 4 years ago (2019)
IndustryOnline newspaper
Current statusActive

Buja Express is a Burundian digital media and news platform that features politics, exclusive and users’ generated news content. It is published at bujaexpress.com. It's legally registered with the Burundi Investment Promotion Agency.[1]

History and Character

Founded in 2019, Buja Express has its headquarters in Bujumbura. The site features a selection of "trending local news, viral content and entertainment and some international news with which it attracts a number of readers across the country who don't have the patience for local and traditional news outlets."[2]

In October 2020, Buja Express partnered with browser software makers Opera Software and telecoms giant Econet Wireless to bring "one million days of free Internet to Burundi".[3][4]

In December 2020, Buja Express started a local journalism project to connect the reporters representing all the 18 provinces and the FCT.[5]

Meaning of Name

Buja Express's Headquarters in Bujumbura, Burundi" The name "Buja" is a common name usually used to refer Burundi's economic city Bujumbura. The 'Express' expression has been added to mean that the website delivers its news to its readers in a short time.


Buja Express is technology-driven media. Buja Express’s staff use an analytical tool by .IO Technologies[6] to explore real-time reports on articles’ performance and place the most relevant pieces of information first on the website’s title page.[7]

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