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Bruse Wane
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Birth nameWarren Rose
Also known asMr. Wane
BornJamaica Kingston
GenresHip hop music
Years active2003 – present
LabelsWane Enterprises
Associated actsSean Price,Papoose (rapper)

Warren Rose Professionally known by his stage name Bruse Wane,[1] is a Jamaican-American Hip hop music|hip hop artist, rapper and songwriter from The South Bronx section of New York City located in the United States. [2] [3] He has collaborated with a number of prominent Hip Hop musicians including Sean Price, Papoose,Keith Murray & Chris Rivers.[4]

Early life

Bruse Wane was raised in the Bronxdale Houses|Bronxdale Housing Projects in the New York City Brough of The Bronx.[5] Hip Hop Pioneer Disco King Mario, and famed music industry executive Andre Harrell, were also past residents of the developement.[6] The notorious Black Spades street gang also originated in the Bronxdale Housing Projects. [7] In 2019 Bruse Wane was the featured guest on the national and internationally broadcasted Sirius XM|Sirus XM Radio. He appeared on Sirius XM's Hip Hop channel Shade 45|Shade45. Shade 45|Shade45 is owned by Hip Hop artist Eminem, It is a key promotional platform for professional rappers in the Hip hop|Hip Hop Music industry|music industry. New York City's HOT 97|Hot 97's radio personality, and disc jockey Dj Kayslay conducted the Interview. The interview coincided with Bruse Wane's release of his second studio album " The Dark Knight Album 2 Fight For Gotham" [8] . It is during this interview that Bruse Wane spoke publicly about growing up in the same Bronx neighborhood as Disco King Mario .[9] The origins of Bruse Wane's name is addressed in an interview he did with "True Magazine".[10]The fact that he originally rapped under the name Tru-e was made public in a published spotlight article on Bruse Wane by GS Bookings. The GS Bookings articles states he originally rapped under the name Tru-e but changed his name to Bruse Wane after transitioning into live event promotions and artist management.[11]He also stated during the "True Magazine" interview that after a hiatus from making music he returned to rapping under the Bruse Wane moniker.[10][11]


In 2014 the national American television network Fuse (TV channel)|Fuse TV listed Bruse Wane on their website as number 9 on their list of Professionally Rappers named after comic book characters. [1] Bruse Wane commercially released the Single (music)|single "Home Of The Spitters", that featured former Defjam Hip Hop recording artist.Keith Murray in 2014 on his Wane Enterprises record label.[12][13] He also released the Single (music)|single "Beast Inside" that featured Duck Down Music recording artist Sean Price that same year.[14] In 2015 Bruse Wane commercially released his Sophomore album "The Earl Manigualt Of Rap Album".[15] Bruse Wane's "The Earl Manigualt Of Rap" album release party took place November 28th 2015 in New York City and was hosted by New York city video broadcasting pioneer Ralph McDaniels|Ralph Mcdaniels. [16] The album featured the song "venom" which had guest appearances from Big Pun|Big Pun's son Chris Rivers and Sean Price. The song "Venom" contains Sean Price's last recorded verse before his death in 2016.[17][18] In 2016 Bruse Wane appeared on the national and internationally broadcasted Sirius XM|Sirus Xm radio, as the featured guest on Non Phixion|Dj Eclipse's Rap is out of control Shade 45|shade45 Hip Hop radio show. [19] In 2017 Bruse Wane appeared as a featured artist on the Universal Hip Hop Museums's commercially released "16bars 4 Hip Hop compilation Album".[20][21]Bruse Wane's songs "Ol Head" and "Stone Age" appear on the Museum's compilation album, with Bruse Wane's Song "Ol Head" being the lead off song[21][22] The Universal Hip Hop Museum was formed to preserve Hip Hop music and culture by housing photos and artifacts documenting the over 45 years of Hip Hop History.[20]In 2019 Bruse Wane Released "The Dark Knight Album 2 Fight For Gotham". Chris Rivers and Bruse Wane rap about being from The Bronx on the song "Keepers of the flame", which appears on The Dark Knight Album 2 Fight For Gotham.[23] Papoose appears with Bruse Wane on the song "Killa Soundboy" which appears on "The Dark Knight album 2 fight for Gotham".[24] The main bassline for the song "Killa Soundboy" is the Stalag riddim. The music video for the song "Killa Soundboy" world premiered July 15th 2019 on HipHopDX.[25][26] In 2019 Bruse Wane kicked off his national and international tour billed as the "Killa Soundboy Tour" July 26th in Albuquerque, New Mexico|Albuquerque New Mexico. [27] [28] The tour ended on August 26th in England where Bruse Wane performed his song "Killa Soundboy" in London at the 2019 Notting Hill Carnival during the tour.[29] Bruse Wane also appeared in London while on his international tour in 2018 during the Notting Hill Carnival.[30]


Studio albums

  • The Dark Knight Album The Day The Earth Stood Still (2013)
  • The Earl Manigualt Of Rap" (2016)
  • The Dark Knight Album 2 Fight For Gotham (2019)


  • The Bat Man Should Have Been On It Volume One (2017)


  • "No"(2012)
  • "Hercules'
  • "Home Of The Spitters(2014)
  • "Beast Inside"(2014)
  • "Venom"(2016)
  • "Killa Soundboy"(2019)

Guest appearances


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