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Bruna Tavares
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Born (1986-07-05) July 5, 1986 (age 38)
  • Journalist
  • Businesswoman
  • Investor
  • Influencer

Bruna Ruela Tavares, better known as Bruna Tavares (Campinas, July 5, 1986) is a Brazilian journalist, businesswoman, investor and influencer. She became notorious when she created the blog Pausa para Feminices in 2009 and her makeup line in 2016.

Bruna Tavares is an active personality in the global beauty sphere appearing on the list of the 500 most influential people in Latin America.

She has worked as a journalist in the main communication vehicles of the country (such as GLOSS, Caras and UOL) and since 2011 she has been involved with cosmetics development.

Her name and brand have already figured in articles of the main magazines of Brazil and the World as Vogue, Forbes, Elle, Glamour and Allure. Currently BT has also been cited in the global Fashion Business report as one of the national brands with the greatest potential for the international market.

Her involvement in the beauty business world has also included consulting and working for the most renowned national and international brands on the planet.


She was born in the city of Campinas, in the interior of São Paulo, and as a child became interested in the universe of the arts. It was in the theater that he became enchanted by the world of makeup, turning it into her greatest hobby. In 2004, she joined the journalism at PUC Campinas university, with the intention of working with cultural journalism and it was culture that led her to become interested in the world of fashion.

Currently, the businesswoman is fully dedicated to her social networks, in addition to acting strongly with her brand in the study and development of products, which are successful wherever they go, used even by celebrities such as Bruna Marquezine, Anitta, Juliette, Juliana Paes, Maísa, Camila Queiroz, Valesca Popozuda, Letícia Lima, Taís Araújo, Julia Petit, Agatha Moreira, Giovanna Ewbank, Sophia Abrahão and others.

Career and work

In 2009 she created her own blog, Pausa Para Feminices, with the intention of developing a portfolio of fashion and beauty journalism. However, it was through this online material that Bruna ended up being called to work as a journalist for Editora Abril and thus, her career took off, going from freelancer to editor in 2 years of company.

Over time, the fashion content of the blog was being replaced by beauty, and in 2010, acting as a journalist and in parallel with Pausa para Feminices, she received the invitation from Tracta to develop her own lipstick. The sale was so impressive that Bruna was invited in the following year to sign an entire collection of makeup, and therefore was born the first collection signed by a blogger, the collection Pausa para Feminices para T.Blogs (a branch within Tracta).

Over the years, Pausa para Feminices has become one of the most respected and accessed beauty blogs in the country, even ranking first in the list of EXAME, responsible for indicating the most accessed blogs of 2015. In 2016, the blog continued in the ranking, this time in second place. Also in 2016, she launched her own makeup line, the Bruna Tavares Line. The trendy debut of the brand had the mass press and the testimony of her blogger friends who were honored in the colors of the lipsticks, among them the also blogger and influencer Camila Coelho.

Pinterest disclosed that she is the Brazilian blogger with the highest amount of shares on the network. On Instagram, she has more than 5 million followers on her personal profile and on the Linha Bruna Tavares, and they are fully engaged by her content, updated daily. The hashtag #linhabrunatavares includes more than half a million photos shared.

She participated in several important international and national brand campaigns, such as O Boticário, Eudora, Nivea, SEPHORA, Maybelline, Bepantol, Natura, Mary Kay, Risqué, NARS, bareMinerals, Benefit, Kiss New York, The Beauty Box, L'Óreal, P&G, Disney and many others.

Known as a reference when it comes to beauty, both for her detailed reviews and for her famous tutorials on Youtube, Bruna has several videos with techniques that have become powerful trends in the world of beauty and that exceed the mark of 2 million views respectively.

In 2018, she became an ambassador for the North American makeup brand Too Faced in Brazil. In the same year, the Bruna Tavares Line and the lipstick that bears her name, won in the categories "Best Brand" and "Best Lipstick" in the national makeup award "Best of the Year", promoted by the influencer Juh Rodrigues. In addition, her brand caught the attention of Sephora – the world's largest beauty retailer – and in 2018 the first in-store display with products developed by an internet content creator was inaugurated. The success was such that in the first few weeks Bruna Tavares Line hit six times the goal and other sales records. And to date, it is the only national brand that has a complete display in all Sephora physical stores in Brazil.

In 2020, the Bruna Tavares Line was highlighted in the media for being the first national brand to launch a base with 30 different shades, divided into 5 categories and 3 subtones. In the following year, Bruna was featured in articles of major national and international vehicles, such as Forbes, Glamour Brasil and Vogue magazines, as well as the American Allure and many others.

Also in 2021, Bruna's brand launched the first Halloween-themed makeup collection in Brazil, called BT Pumpkin. And in addition to being a journalist, influencer and businesswoman, she became an angel investor in Lunnare, a holistic self-care company with incense and energy sprays, run by journalist Karla Lopes.

In 2022, Bruna was recognized on Bloomberg Linea's list as one of the 500 most influential people in Latin America and won the Glamhow Generation Award as Beauty Entrepreneur of the Year. In the same year, the products of Bruna Tavares Line began to appear recurrently in major soap operas and productions of Rede Globo.

Already in 2023, the brand starred in the biggest activation of beauty in the Camarote Bar Brahma in Brazilian Carnaval. Bruna became ambassadress for Koleston, Wella Brazil, showing her 3.2 million followers on Instagram how she takes care of and dyes her hair alone at home.

One of the biggest milestones in Bruna's career and consequently in the history of Linha Bruna Tavares happened in February 2023, with the launch of the first and iconic makeup collection with Disney, the "Minnie Mouse by Bruna Tavares". With 16 products for different stages of the beauty routine, this is the first licensed BT collection with an international and world-renowned company. The dream and idealization of the project began in 2015, when Bruna was 30 years old and made her first trip to Disney. However, Disney's invitation did come years later and Bruna always reinforced: "If you can dream, you can accomplish", reinforcing the classic phrase of Walt Disney.

On June 15, 2023, BT House was opened to the public, located among the most iconic flagship stores in São Paulo, once again being a pioneer in the beauty market in Brazil. BT House is a space of experience and immersion within the world of the Bruna Tavares line. It is the maximum expression of all creation of the Bruna Tavares line gathered in one place.

Taking to the visitor the highest level of experience and immersion ever done with a beauty brand in the country, with Instagrammable spaces that celebrate the brand's branding, are 192 square meters developed with maximum customization and sensory immersion, with details planned with great care by Bruna Tavares herself with all the products and history of her line.

Linha Bruna Tavares

Bruna already signed a collection with T.Blogs, Pausa Para Feminices, since 2014, but it was in 2016 that her own makeup brand was born, the Linha Bruna Tavares (Bruna Tavares Line). Initially, the brand also carried the name of Tracta, but currently operates in the market independent of the same. The three, both T.Blogs, Tracta and Bruna Tavares are part of the Farmaervas group and are separated from each other. Bruna signs only the one that bears her name and the collection Pausa Para Feminices within T.Blogs.

The lipsticks of the Bruna Tavares Line are all developed by Bruna and take names of women who are part of her life, and she is always seeking to honor also her most loyal fans. Other products carry English names to facilitate their entry into the international market.

In 2018, the Linha Bruna Tavares was part of the Sephora catalog The launch featured an event open to the public at Sephora located at the Shopping Eldorado, in São Paulo, and at the time there was record sales of its products, as well as the presence of several digital influencers and celebrities such as Giovanna Lancellotti and Thaís Fersoza. In the same year, the brand and lipstick Bruna won in the categories Best Brand and Best Lipstick of the Year in the Best of the Year award promoted by Juh Rodrigues.

In 2019, its first collection was launched within the brand, entitled Sunflower and inspired by sunflowers, featuring four liquid lipsticks and the first eyeshadow palette of the line. In the same year two more collections were launched: BT Melrose, inspired by Melrose Avenue, California, featuring makeup products that have the function of brightening the skin; and also the Red Rose collection, the second based on a flower, this time roses, and following the same criteria as Sunflower, with lipsticks and eyeshadow palette.

In October 2020, Bruna launched a grandiose campaign to present her bases of the Bruna Tavares Line, called BT Skin. The catalog has 30 shades, managing to meet various skin colors. Diversity became a topic all over the internet, since it was the first brand to launch so many base colors at once. To ensure the variety and quality of products in darker tones, Bruna relied on the advice of beauty professionals who are experts in black skin, such as Tassio Santos, Dani Damatta and others On the first day of sales, Sephora's website became overwhelmed with the huge demand. To help customers, a portal has also been launched where you can take a quizz to find out what your ideal BT Skin colour is.


In 2016, the mermaid fashion broke out in Brazil and Bruna became known as one of its precursors due to her blog Sereismo, created in 2013 It is she who takes credit for inventing the term that took over the media when they broached the subject.

Initially, the blog Sereismo had been made only for Bruna to talk about one of her favorite subjects: the mermaids, without any pretense of fame or creating a fashion. However, the public was getting more and more curious and, inevitably, the blog grew and became a brand. Currently, Bruna holds the patent for the term. With him, he has already launched several collections in virtual stores, including nail polish with Penélope Luz, T-shirts with Lolja, accessories with Francisca Joias and also makeup with T.Blogs. In addition, the trend of mermaids also made Bruna give several interviews to vehicles such as Capricho, Veja, ESPN, among other newspapers, magazines and portals.

The social networks of Sereismo, Facebook and Instagram, are the largest on the subject in the country and has become a reference within this universe of mermaids.

Important Campaigns

In 2015, he stamped the Fascínio Vintage campaign in the catalog of the Eudora brand.

In 2016, it launched its first collection of nail polish in partnership with Studio 35. The successful partnership continues with two more collections released later in 2016 and 2017.

In 2016, he stamped the campaign Faz Olhão da Quem disse, Berenice? , the first campaign of the O Boticário group alongside a digital influencer.

In 2016, she launched her first collection of cell phone cases together with GoCase, the #PausaParaSelfie collection, aimed at the beauty and serene public.

In 2017, she launched the French Riviera by Bruna Tavares collection in partnership with Jequiti[.

In 2018, she launched a collection of makeup-themed T-shirts with the Lolja brand.

In 2018, she launched a collection of fake nails with Kiss NY. It was the first time the brand had partnered with a digital influencer. The launch event took place on September 9 during the Beauty Fair, in São Paulo, and gathered hundreds of fans.

In 2019, she became the first beauty blogger to partner with a chocolate brand, Cacau Show. A special edition of truffled chocolates was launched for the carnival, in which came with toast glitters and a pamphlet with makeup tips emblazoned with images of Bruna. The publicity campaign was produced by Kaleo Gradilone, the same professional who worked with Bruna on the campaign for Kiss NY.

In 2023, it inaugurates the first physical store in the flagship model located at R. Oscar Freire 1107 - Jardim Paulista - São Paulo SP, among the luxury brands in the state capital. [2]


Year Prize
2015 Blog Pausa Para Feminices: Most accessed blog of the year - Exame Magazine
2016 Blog Pausa Para Feminices: Most accessed blog of the year (2nd place) - Exame Magazine
Blog Pausa Para Feminices: Digital Influencers in Beauty Award - Portal da Comunicação
Bruna Tavares Line: Best Lipstick Trend color Hermione - Cosmopolitan Magazine
2017 Blog Pausa Para Feminices: Digital Influencers in Beauty Award - Portal da Comunicação
2018 Bruna Tavares Line: Best of the Year as Best Brand
Bruna Tavares Line: Best of the Year as Best Lipstick
2022 Bruna Tavares: ANCEC - Digital Reference
Bruna Tavares: Bloomberg Línea - The 500 most influential in Latin America
Bruna Tavares: Beauty Entrepreneur of the Year - Glamour Generation Award
Bruna Tavares Line: Best Products of the Year in Makeup (in 2 of 6 subcategories) - Glamour Beauty Award
2023 Bruna Tavares: Entrepreneur - Women in E-commerce Award
Bruna Tavares Line: Best Products of the Year in Makeup (in 5 of 6 subcategories) - Glamour Beauty Award
Bruna Tavares: Female Personality - International Business Institute
Bruna Tavares Line: Winning Packaging - 30th Annual Brazilian Packaging Award from EMBANEWS Magazine
Bruna Tavares: 2023 Women's Leadership Award
Bruna Tavares: Top 20 best in Brazil in Beauty - iBest 20+
Bruna Tavares: Bloomberg Línea - The 500 most influential in Latin America (Second consecutive year)


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