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  • Music
  • Entertainment
  • Cloe Luv (Lisa Merraro)
  • Shak Trauma (Shakir Merraro)
Brooklyn, NY
Key people
  • Cloe Luv (co-founder)
  • Shak Trauma (co-founder)
  • Silver (producer)
  • Beats
  • songs
  • artist development
  • A & R
  • executive producing
  • sync licensing
  • movie scoring

Brook Brovaz Corp. is an American music production company headquartered in Brooklyn, NYC. The company was founded in 2011 by Cloe Luv and Shak Trauma. Brook Brovaz is one of the growing recording companies in the global music industry and owns BB Music label. The company has well-equipped recording & rehearsal studios, venues & event spaces, and music venues. It has hosted worldwide genres, from EDM for Germany to Afro-pop beats for Africa![1][2]

Brook Brovaz works with Grammy award-winning artists and also composes music that has been featured in movies, TV, commercials, and video games. The company is serving artists, and producers with branding and creating opportunities. Brook Brovaz specializes in hosting events to promote local artists with a goal to empower artists and producers.[3]

In March 2020, the duo of Silver and Shak-Trauma announced their debut album, “A Brooklyn Summer”.[4]


Brook Brovaz was founded in 2011. Brook Brovaz expertise in providing solutions enriched with write, produce and perform. Brook Brovaz produces and writes for all genres but their core artistry in dub-step, Hip-Hop, and EDMartistry. Brook Brovaz started with ghost production for notable production houses. They are well-known artists and high profile projects that emerged from that studio, including A&E’s documentary “Biggie: The Life of Notorious B.I.G.” and the special premiere of the Faith Evans album, “The King & I.”[5][6]

Music venue

Brook Brovaz studio served the purpose of Recording & Rehearsal Studios for numerous albums and songs.


List of some selected songs recorded under BB Music Label:-


  • Squad Goals - 2:48
  • Who Got My Money - 3:26
  • Bad Bih - 3:37
  • Big Tipper - 3:08
  • Get Low - 3:27
  • Turn & Bubble - Turn and Bubble- 2:48
  • Turn & Bubble - A Brooklyn Summer- 3:33
  • Top Down - 4:14
  • Gang - 2:38
  • Activate - 4:30


  • A Brooklyn Summer
  • Activate
  • Get Low
  • Turn and Bubble
  • Big Tipper

In the media



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