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Bricktopians NFT
ReleaseNovember 2021

Bricktopians NFT is an Ethereum-based non-fungible token (NFT) that depicts a 3D piece generated through the Bricktopians artificial intelligence technology. The 3D piece is developed with multiple 3D bricks, and there are 9,999 Punks available. The digital art looks like an avatar created by its AI to appear as a collection of child’s toys, which can provide different experiences by creating multiple variations through different arrangements of bricks.[1]

Bricktopians artwork is created by @Law_Degree, who has a background in creating NFTs for LaMelo Ball, Kanye West, Virgil Abloh, and Young Thug.

Bricktopians NFT is credited as one of only NFTs, which has announced free tokens for its community members when 25% tokens are sold. According to them, a free NFT will be given to 20 members of Bricktopians NFT.


In 2021, Bricktopians NFT was announced on the Ethereum Blockchain. The Bricktopians AI was created using algorithmically put 3D bricks, and it is specifically intended to arrange each brick in a manner similar to how a kid would do it, allowing for the creation of innovative creations with a variety of styles.[2]

The roadmap of Bricktopians NFT is to initially start minting. After the sale of 25% tokens, a free Bricktopians NFT will be given to 20 members of the Bricktopians community. Once the 50% tokens are sold, 5 Ethereum coins will be shared with 5 community members. After the sale of 75% of Bricktopians NFTs, developing the Law Degree Inner Circle exclusive access Discord will start. Once all tokens are sold, building BricktoForge will start. They announced that they will buyback from 50% of revenues generated from sales and burn to reduce the supply, which will help in long-term value for the community.

The tokens are priced at 0.08 Ethereum. When the BricktoForge is created, members will have the ability to customize avatars by upgrading them and need to burn the other BricktoForge through forge.

As per,[3] the community has grown to already well over 40,000 members.

Types and attributes

The collectible appeal of Bricktopians is enhanced by the multiple 3D bricks, which can create hundreds of possible avatars. There are only 9,999 Punks available.


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