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Brahmdev Mishra
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Died1975(1975-00-00) (aged 57–58)
  • Professional wrestler
  • Politician
  • Mahadev Mishra (father)
FamilyChandraprakash Mishra(Gama Pahalwan) (grandson)

Brahmdev Mishra (Born in the Hindu Lunisolar month Kartika 1917-1975)[1] was an Indian Professional wrestler(pahalwan) and a Politician.He was one of the forming members of the Bharatiya Jana Sangh, the predecessor to the Bharatiya Janata Party, in 1951.Brahmdev’s formal education ended in middle school. But, being from a Brahmin family and living in an intellectual society he learned the Ramayana very well and was able to quote Sanskrit verses with great proficiency.[2][3][1]

Brahmdev Mishra , his ancestors and the descendent all became famous wrestlers and won many national and International medals for the country, his nephew Ramnarayan Mishra and his grandson Chandraprakash Mishra(Gama Pahalwan) represented India in many countries including Hungary and Bangkok.[4][5][6][7] Chandraprakash Mishra(Gama Pahalwan) was the Bharat Keshari.

Early and Personal Life

Mahadev Mishra had five sons Shivraj Mishra , Shivpujan Mishra, Guchun Mishra, Narvadeshwar Mishra and Brahmdev Mishra they lived in Rudrapur, Khajni gao[1], close to the Bansgaon tehsil of Gorakhpur district in 1917. Khajani is a real pilgrimage factor for wrestlers. Brahmdev was inspired by his grandfather, father and brothers who all were wrestlers and coming from wrestlers family he was encouraged to take up pehlwani. He frequently went to the village akhada together with his father in which he rolled around and covered himself with mitti(Soil) of Earth. With the ambience of so many great wrestlers Brahmdev became a Wrestler at a very young age of 7 practicing in his own akhada with his elder brothers. He left the job of police to follow his passion in the field of wrestling for which he was destined.[3] As he grows up to be an accomplished Wrestler of extraordinary abilities and skills. He was a gifted speaker and singer.


With the height of five feet and six inches and a weight of 264 lbs(120 kg) his exercise consisted of 2500 Squat (exercise) and 1500 Push-up in 45 minutes at one rep. After doing his Exercise he used to practice Pehlwani with 50 Pahalwan which in terms of wrestling is called jor. He used to recite Om Shiv every time he used to perform the exercise. He performed his exercise at early morning and evening time and at the end of the exercise with every baithak he does Hanuman Namaskar.[1]

He was a venerable person and used to wear Dhoti and Kurta with a dupatta around his neck and shoulder and Safa (turban) according to Indian tradition.[2] He had huge mustachios which suited his personality very much which made him an impressive personality. When he walked through the roads, thousands of people would stand still and watch him while his disciples would fight to get the honor of touching his feet.[2]


His diet included one sheer of Ghee, half sheer badam (Almond), and five to six sheer Milk. He also liked to have Thandai in his diet. He liked to eat fruits and have a vegetarian diet. He was fond of eating and making food for himself. He also called many people to his house to join him to eat the food.[1][2]

Akhara and Guru

He parcticed at akhada of Pakkibagh in Gorakhpur famous all over India is one of the oldest akhada of the time which is still in practice at both the timing of the day. He became a disciple of Chandan Singh of Kashmir and thereby followed a more rigorous regimen and improved his skill. Chandan's height was six feet and he was also a great wrestler. He was behind the success of Pakkibagh akhada. In Culcutta he exercised at akhada of Mochi Pari Thana in Bara Bazaar.[2] There he instructed many great Bengali Wrestlers.


He was very skilled in the nikal, tang, and multani moves. Any opponent who would encounter these moves certainly gets to “see the sky”. He was a master in dhank, puthi, anti, bankudi and kalajank.[1][2][3]


His wrestling(Kushti), with many great pehlwan, He first won a gada (mace) by defeating Surti Singh of Punjab,he defeated world champion wrestler Dara Singh in Culcutta by using nikal dav over puthi in less than 2.5 minutes.[1][8][9] He defeated George Constantine of Romania at Gorakhpur. Romanian wrestler George was known as ‘Tiger of Europe.’ He also defeated Budhai Singh who challenged Uttar Pradesh at a dangal whose president was the then Magistrate of Gorakhpur Pandit Surti Narayan Mani Tripathi. He defeated the famous wrestler of Lahore Mall Hussaina seven times, one of his famous matches with Hazara Pahalwan. He also defeated Karmulla of Meerut,Baba Pahalwan of Maharashtra , Shere-ae-Tufan of Kashmir,and many famous wrestlers of Punjab namely Arjun Singh, Surjan Singh, Nahar Singh, Deepa Singh, Kola Singh, Karan Singh and Kera Singh. He defeated Sohani Singh, Vanshi Singh. His wrestling with Meru Singh, Sukhdev Yadav, Ramjeet Yadav and Sadhu Yadav ended at equal. It was said that he is the man who never Saw The Sky.[1][10]


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