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Boba Inu Sugar Club NFT
Boba Inu Sugar.JPG
Developer(s)Boba Inu Sugar Club
Genre(s)Boba Inus

Boba Inu Sugar Club NFT (BISC) is a unique collection of 8000 distinct Boba Inus that take shelter on the Ethereum blockchain.[1] Each $SUGAR token is ERC-721 with 180+ attributes in the collection stored on IPFS. The BISC releases are divided into 4 seasons, each with 2,000 NFTs. Periodically, events and contests will be organized with winners receiving a range of prizes.[2] BISC also has some of the best features on the market, such as discounted access to Boba Teas, a community-owned goods shop, and the ability to build a personal brand out of your NFTs.[3]


The idea behind Boba Inu Sugar Club NFT has been taken from boba tea, also known as bubble tea prevalent in Southeast Asia.[4] It also came from Shiba Inus that has been at the forefront in the cryptocurrency game. The brain behind the promising token community is Sugar Papa as founder and developer. He is joined by Sugar Mama as a graphic designer and Taro Boba Inu as the marketing wizard. Combining their love for bubble tea and dogs, the founders gave birth to Boba Inu Sugar Club which is also a representation of their childhood memories.[5] The project aims at people who like Boba Tea, are interested in Asian culture, or have Asian roots and heritage.[6]

Each Boba Inu Sugar Club NFT token is priced at 0.08 ETH. When minting reaches 2000, the club will giveaway 5 GENIUS Boba Inus to raffled winners among the whitelist members. When 4000 coins are minted, 5 raffle winners would be chosen who will be awarded 1 ETH each.[7] To be eligible, the holders must be holding the NFT throughout the giveaway. Upon minting of 6000 tokens, BISC will launch its Online Store wherein GENIUS and LEGENDARY holders may earn shared profits from sales. Once 8000 tokens are minted, the holders will be able to timely execute the Sandbox or their decentral and land purchase.[8]


The users need to install the MetaMask extension to purchase a BISC NFT. They can then connect their wallet to the website. After verifying the appropriate amount of ETH, the users will have to click on the red mint button at the top of BISC website page to mint their NFTs. The users can choose to purchase multiple NFTs in a single transaction to avoid higher gas fees. Once all the NFTs are sold out, the users will need to purchase them from other holders in Opensea.[9]

Types and attributes

The Sugar NFTs feature a distinct combination of boba pearls, accessories, backgrounds, and Chinese characters.[10] The collection also includes some features drawing inspiration from pop culture and Japanese anime. Boba Inu Sugar Club will be releasing three rarity types: common, genius, and legendary. There are eight kinds of boba pearls featured among the NFTs that can be minted, including: the Classic Black Pearls with a drop rate of 24%, the Pink Blue Pearls with a drop rate of 18%, and even Dogecoin Pearls with a drop rate of 5% and DBZ Pearls with a drop rate of 1%.[11]

Roadmap of BISC

The project aims to hit the market around mid-April 2022 with the official date launch yet to be announced. Whitelist individuals will be able to mint prior to the public sale.[12]

In the first quarter of 2022, the smart contract for the utility token $SUGAR will be deployed. 3D avatars will be built and holders will be able to purchase land from the Sandbox. In the second quarter, the NFT holders will be able to upload their personalized merchandise on the BISC Online Store platform. In the third quarter, the online shop will be officially launched and giveaways will be held.



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