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IndustryBlockchain technology
FoundersTim Bass
Kim Bartlett
Phil Vadala
Alan Burt
Headquarters417/165, Phillip St,
Number of locations
2 (2020)
Area served
Key people
Tim Bass (CEO)
Kim Bartlett (COO)
Phil Vadala (CIO)
Alan Burt (Chairperson)
  • Token Design
  • Distributed Architecture
  • Cryptoeconmics
  • Software Development
  • Infrastructure & Security

Block8 is an Australian technology company and venture studio headquartered in Sydney, Australia.[1][2] The company is known for developing and implementing custom blockchain applications into new and current products of the companies through using distributed systems and creating strategic partnerships with them.[3][4] The company was founded in 2016 and since its founding it has ventured with several companies including myStake, Havven, AMM, Playchip, Enosi, Programmable Equity Network, Igloo and others.[5][6]

The company creates and develops blockchain based products and services for its clients through an incubation process by following product and commercialisation process from scratch to finish within 6 to 18 months.[7] Block8 is a privately held company and it was founded by Tim Bass, Kim Bartlett, Phil Vadala, and Alan Burt. It also has a development office in Chandigarh, India.[8]

Blockchain platforms and tools

Block8 develops applications using various mainstream blockchain technology platforms and tools including Corda, DARPA Agent Markup Language, Ethereum, RedBelly blockchain, and others.[9]

Products and customers

Block8 is a blockchain products development company and comprehensive incubator that specializes in distributed ledgers and decentralized blockchain applications from ideation to development and delivery in both social and commercial sectors.[10] The company is known for software and application development, crypto economy based products, distributed systems architecture, and network token design projects.[11]

It works with startups, enterprises and investors in blockchain niche. Block8 has partnered with companies that have secured seed funding for prototyping stage of product development and have able leadership. They have worked with myStake, AMM, Havven, Playchip, Enosi, Igloo, Programmable Equity Network, and others.

Block8 is known for not charging their clients during incubation period. They charge their clients after the successful investor funding round, and/or initial offering in terms of shares or crypto coins/tokens.

Product development methodology

Block8 develops products using leading industry product development methodology and incubation roadmap from beginning to the end. This incubation roadmap may work as follows:

  • First step is to validate the product by assessing the market requirements and then focusing on only designing the features that are commercially viable.
  • The second step is to create a minimum viable product with complete user interface, user experience design, complete stack development, mobile features, and smart contract as needed.
  • Raise funding for the clients by providing them access to the investor network or through ICO for their capital requirements.
  • Advise on how to build a marketing strategy, lead marketing campaigns, and governance related matters to provide traction.
  • Assistance with ongoing product development and human resources to sustain the drive and growth trajectory.

This incubation methodology is known to take 12-18 months from conceptualization to implementation.

Awards and recognitions

  • Block8 is the winner of Blockchain Hackathon (2017) as a part of a delegation team representing Australia for their traffic management project centered around autonomous driving.[12]
  • Block8 is rated number one by the BestinAU blog amongst all blockchain companies in Australia.
  • Block8 has partnered with Australian Mortgage Marketplace (AMM) and their venture is recognized for its market disruptive offerings based on blockchain.[13]
  • Their partnership with blockchain based energy startup, Enosi, is recognized for moving towards next generation energy grids and consumer centric ecosystem.

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