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FormationJanuary 20, 2020 (2020-01-20)
FounderNatalya Khardina
TypeInteractive platform
PurposeEnvironmental education
Biotope mapping
Species mapping
Region served
Heiko Bleher
Natalya Khardina

The BIOTOPE AQUARIUM Project (BAP) [1] is an international start-up created to promote the concept of aquatic biotope and raise awareness for the conservation of freshwater habitats. A multimedia platform was developed to gather information about aquatic explorations, new discoveries, biology of aquatic inhabitants, biotope aquarium set-ups, biotope data sharing, conservation of freshwater ecosystems and biodiversity. The public can find ecologically accurate and updated information on biotopes in nature, developed with the collaboration of experts – scientists, explorers [2], and experienced hobbyists – that provide support and give advice for the users. The project’s aim is to be educational, a tool for field research and a visual support in order to understand how nature works in a specific place and time, giving useful knowledge to create a stable ecosystem in the space of an aquarium, which should function for a long time with the least possible maintenance interventions.

The site

The online platform is multimedia and interactive [3], with regularly published new data related to precise collecting events involving GPS tracking that allow the biotope and species mapping [4]. The data is structured in different sections [5]:

  • BIN (Biotope In Nature): a section that collects pages that present aquatic biotopes as they are found in the environment, also giving information about the location, the inhabitants, the aquatic vegetation, the water chemistry, and the substrate.
  • BAM (Biotope Aquarium Model): a section gathers pages that present aquarium models of original biotopes, based on GPS date and certified by expert collaborators.
  • FISH: a section where can be found pages that collect characteristics about different species,
  • PLANTS: the section that collects information about the aquatic vegetation found in aquatic habitats,
  • INVERTEBRATES: content about other organisms found in aquatic habitats,
  • ARTICLES: present results in aquatic research, discoveries and explorations.

Users can access all of the content on a freemium basis. The BAP is developing further online features, in particular the ones dedicated to environmental education of the younger generation.

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