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Bayarunas Yaroslav
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Born (1995-08-21) August 21, 1995 (age 28)
Saint-Petersburg Russia
Years active2015–present
WebsiteOfficial website

Bayarunas Yaroslav Igorevich (born on August 21, 1995, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation) is a Russian singer and Musical theatre actor (lyric-dramatic tenor). Stage actor, concert performer. Producer and director of performances and concerts. Streamer on Twitch (service).


Yaroslav was born on August 21, 1995 in Saint-Petersburg. He is the grandson of the Honored Artist of Ukraine Alexander Nikolaevich Mukienko, who is known as the head of the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Russian North-Western Cossacks. Also, Alexander Mukienko is the owner of the Order of Merit for the Cossacks of the second degree. Since childhood, he studied vocal, guitar and acting at the Alye Parusa youth club, from which he became the Laureate of the award for the support of talented youth.

From 2013 to 2015 he studied at the Leningrad Regional College of Culture and Art at the department Musical Variety Art majoring in Variety and Jazz Vocal. His vocal teacher was Natalia Daniilovna Davidenko. Instrumental science and music informatics were taught by jazz musician, composer Dmitry Semenishchev.

Since 2016 Yaroslav was a student of the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts with a degree in Musical Theater Artist, course of Roman Kamhen. He did not finish his studies.

In 2018, Yaroslav became the winner-debutant of the Stage Door audience vote[1].

He became streamer and video blogger on the Twitch (service)|Twitch platform since February 2019. He is doing game streams and making online concerts, where he invites famous musical artists.

Stage Work

Since 2013 he is the artist of the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Cossacks under the leadership of A.Mukienko[2].

Since 2015 - artist of the St. Petersburg Theater Rock Opera:

  • Lead actor in the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar. Title roles of Jesus Christ (since 2016) and Judas Iscariot (since 2020), the Apostle Peter (since 2015) and King Herod (since 2016).
  • Actor and ensemble performer in rock opera Romeo and Juliet: starring – Romeo.
  • Musical comedy Ghost: starring – George Otis.
  • Participant of the concert The Best Hits of the Rock Opera[3].

Since 2016 – performer of the ensemble in the musical Jekyll & Hyde (musical)|Jekyll and Hyde at the St. Petersburg State Theater of Musical Comedy[4].

Since 2017:

  • Starring as Ippolit Terentyev in the musical Idiot (performance-concert) of the independent theater project The Ladder directed by Vasily Zarzhetsky.
  • Performer in Pentagram Ltd: the role of detective L in the project based on The Death Note musical. Recording of a cast-album and participation in concert-presentations. He performed 7 solo concerts and participates in other concert programs in cooperation with the producer center Pentagram.
  • Vocalist of ice shows by Ilia Averbukh (The Nutcracker and the Mouse King, The Bremen Town Musicians).

In April 2018, he took part in the musical Two Arrows in the role of Eared.

Since 2018:

  • Actor of the fantasy musical The Last Trial by the STAIRWAY lab. Since May 2018 he is the part of the ensemble. In September 2018, played the role of Dalamar for the first time. In October 2019, he premiered in the main role of Raistlin Majere.
  • Starring as Benedetto in the musical Monte Cristo at the Moscow Operetta Theater.
  • The role of Vagrant in the rock opera Icarus (project by Anton Kruglov). Creative producer of the first part of the rock opera Icarus: concert-presentation: Buy Wings on September 21, 2019 in Moscow[5].
  • Arrondo in the rock opera Atlantis (project by Elena Khanpira).

Since 2019:

  • Starring as Yaros in the rock musical Hyperborea ~ Symphony of the North Wind (SSP - Sergei Skripnikov's project).
  • Actor of the musical Girl in a Million by Maxim Leonidov at the St. Petersburg Theater of Musical Comedy: ensemble (swing), Chukcha-husband and NKVD officer in interrogation scene.

From 2020:

  • Adrian Singleton in the horror musical The Picture of Dorian Gray (St. Petersburg Music Hall).
  • Hatter (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland)|The Mad Hatter in the musical Labyrinths of dreams by Gleb Matveichuk.
  • Karamazov|Alexey Karamazov in the rock opera KaramazoVY by Aleksandr Ragulin.
  • Actor of the musical Sadko in the Underwater Kingdom by Gleb Matveychuk at the Lyudmila Ryumina Theater: starring as Parrot Fish and Onisim Horse[6][7][8].

From 2021:

  • Actor of the musical Alice in Wonderland by Gleb Matveychuk at the Lyudmila Ryumina Theater: Hatter, Caterpillar[9].
  • Hermann / Philip in the musical Queen of Spades (LDM theater. New Stage)[10][11].
Year Title Role
2015 Rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar Jesus Christ, Judas Iscariot (since 2020), Apostle Peter, Herod, ensemble
2015 Rock opera by V. Calle Romeo and Juliet Romeo, ensemble
2015 Musical comedy Ghost George Otis
2016 Musical Jekyll & Hyde Ensemble
2017 Musical Idiot Ippolit Terentyev
2017 The Death Note Musical Detective L
2017 Ilya Averbukh's Ice Skating Shows The Nutcracker and the Mouse King, The Bremen Town Musicians Vocalist
2017 Musical Two Arrows Eared
2018 Fantasy musical The Last Trial Raistlin Majere, Dalamar, ensemble
2018 Musical Monte Cristo Benedetto
2018 Rock opera Icarus Vagrant
2018 Rock opera Atlantis Arrondo
2019 Musical A Girl in a Million Ensemble (swing), Chukcha-husband, NKVD officer
2020 Horror Musical The Picture of Dorian Gray Adrian Singleton
2020 Musical by Gleb Metveichuk Labyrinths of dreams The Mad Hatter
2020 Musical by Gleb Matveychuk Sadko in the Underwater Kingdom Parrot Fish, Onisim Horse
2020 Rock opera KaramazoVY Alexey Karamazov
2021 Alice in Wonderland Musical by Gleb Matveychuk Hatter, Caterpillar
2021 Musical Queen of Spades Hermann / Philip

Jesus Christ Superstar. Upgrade

In 2019, Yaroslav initiated the organization of the performance technical renovation at the St. Petersburg Theater Rock Opera, the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar by Andrew Lloyd Webber (directed by Vladimir Podgorodinsky). On the platform[12], a crowdfunding project was launched and successfully completed[13], which made it possible to re-record the minus soundtrack using modern sound recording means, update the costumes for the main characters, emphasize the set design and director's decision with high-tech artistic light. Viewers had the opportunity to see the upgraded version of the play in Moscow in September 2019 and January 2020[14][15][16][17][18][19][20][21][22][23]

Online – theater

During the global COVID-19 pandemic, he created the project Fantastic Online Theater of the Musical of Bayarunas on the basis of the Twitch platform.

He became the first online mono-musical artist in Russia. On May 1, 2020, he sang all the parts (sang for 7 characters) of the musical “Notre Dame de Paris” (in Russian) live from his channel. On May 31, 2020, he also performed all the parts of the musical “The Last Trial” in the format of a mono performance.


Yaroslav Bayarunas has been actively involved in concerts since 2015. He was touring Russian cities with a program of hits from musicals and a rock opera Masterpieces of the World Musical Theater. He performs solo concert programs in different musical styles, participates in concerts and projects of musical soloists in Moscow and St. Petersburg, performs at festivals and cultural events (Comic-Con Russia|Comic Con Russia, Comic Con Saint Petersburg, Book Alley and ECOFEST Imagine Zelenoe St. Petersburg) and etc.

Since 2018, the "singing host” of private gigs in the club of connoisseurs of the musical theater SLAVNAYA KVARTIRA[24]. Since 2018 he is a member of the KARAOKE KAMIKADZE project[25]. Participates in concerts of production centers STAIRWAY, Pentagram. Backing vocalist of the international concert program Brothers in Music by Ivan Ozhogin and Drew Sarich.

Leading actor, creator, producer, director and arranger of the project BAYARUNASconcert[26][27][28].

Since September 2020 he is the “singing host” of the creative meetings cycle The World of Musical with Yaroslav Bayarunas in Moscow with special guests: Anton Artsev[29], Evgeny Waltz[30], Aleksandr Kazmin[31], Ruslan Gerasimenko[32], Alexey Frandetti[33], Elena Charkviani[34].

In April 202, Yaroslav Bayarunas and his team BAYARUNASconcert acted as producers of the theatrical concert Affiliation (Open Film Studio LENDOC, St. Petersburg) by musical actress Alexandra Kasparova[35].

In 2021, Yaroslav Bayarunas became the producer of the concept album VORON (The Raven) in Russia. This is official audio version of the Off-Broadway musical Nevermore: The Imaginary Life and Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe|Nevermore - The Imaginary Life and Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe in Russian[36].

Concert programs

Title Date and concert venue Participants
Tour program “Masterpieces of the World Musical Theater” (St. Petersburg Theater "Rock-Opera") Since 2015 With Anna Pozdnyakova
Solo Birthday concert 08/22/2017 (St. Petersburg, Cultural Center “Heart”) Special guests: Anna Pozdnyakova, Rostislav Kolpakov, Igor Krol, Alexander Mukienko

Secret Guest: Aleksandr Kazmin

“The Flowers of Evil. Chapter I”[37] 01/28/2018 (St. Petersburg, Golitsyn LOFT), 10/21/18 (Moscow, LOVELY Loft)
“The Flowers of Evil. Chapter II” 04/13/2019 (St. Petersburg, Bezborodko Palace) with Igor Krol
“The Flowers of Evil. Chapter III” 04/02/2021 (St. Petersburg, Bezborodko Palace) with Natalia Sidortsova
“Shameless Magic Concert” (“BVK”) 02/02/2019 (Moscow), 08/25/18[38], 08/24/19 (Saint Petersburg) Special guests: Aleksandr Kazmin, Alexander Marakulin, Elena Minina, Evdokia Malevskaya, Anna Pozdnyakova, Evgeny Egorov, Vladislav Kiryukhin, Igor Krol
“Shameless Epic Concert. Last”(“BEC”)[39] 02/01/2020 (Moscow, Teatr Club) Special guests: Ivan Ozhogin, Aleksandr Kazmin, Sergey Smolin, Vasilisa Maidanskaya, Emil Salez, Pavel Stukalov, Andrey Suntsov
“Experimentalist”[40] 02/01/2018 (Moscow, Wunder Bar) Special Guest: Anna Lukoyanova
“Together - never” 02/05/2019 (St. Petersburg, Club "MOD") with Anna Tess
“Almost for nothing” 05/02/2019 (Moscow, Rock House Club) Special guest: Irina Kruglova
“Battle Royale” 10/13/2019 (Moscow, Izvestia Hall Club) with Aleksandr Kazmin
“Heat-Heat-Heat”[41] 11/30/2019 (St. Petersburg, Club "Place") Special guest: Alexandra Kasparova
“Acoustics in the New Year”[42] 01.01.2020 (St. Petersburg, Bezborodko Palace)
Acoustic evening “FINALLY” 09/15/2020 (Moscow, Glastonberry club)
“Eat. Blaze. Sin!”[43][44] 11/08/2020 (Moscow, Pravda Club) Special guests: Sergey Smolin, Teona Dolnikova
“New Year's Acoustics” 01/01/2021 (Moscow, Glastonberry club) Special guest: Aleksandr Ragulin, surprise guest: Aleksandr Kazmin.
“You'll be back” piano evening 03/14/2021 (Moscow, Magnus Locus) with Ivan Ozhogin
“Breathe” 08/21/2021 (St. Petersburg, Music Hall Theater) Special guests: Daria Yanvarina, Andrey Shkoldychenko, Emil Salez, Anna Tess, Alexander Mukienko
Online concerts
Online concert “You’re Welcome!”[45] 03/26/2020 (TWITCH platform) Special guest: Ivan Ozhogin
Online concert “Uncensored” 04/08/2020 (TWITCH platform) Special guest: Agata Vavilova
Online concert “Forever and always” 04/26/2020 (TWITCH platform)
Online concert “For musicals and courtyard” 05/24/2020 (TWITCH platform)
Online concert “HAPPY END” 06/26/2020 (TWITCH platform)
Online concert “Male sudden concert” 08/07/2020 (TWITCH platform) Special guest: Alexey Tolstokorov
Online concert “Birthday Concert” 08/21/2020 (TWITCH platform)
Online concert “For the whole world” 01/20/2021 (TWITCH platform)
Online concert “Summer” 08/07/2021 (TWITCH platform)
Produced by BAYARUNAS concert
Theater concert of Alexandra Kasparova "Affiliation" 04/03/2021 (St. Petersburg, Lendoc) Special guests: Ivan Ozhogin, Yaroslav Bayarunas

Festivals and cultural events

  • AVA EXPO-2017 (12/10/2017)
  • All-Russian festival of Japanese animation (05/01-02/2018)
  • Comic Con Russia (10/01/2017, 10/06/2018, 10/05/2019)
  • ECOFEST Imagine Green St. Petersburg (08/18/2018)
  • Book alleys (09/08/2018)
  • Comic Con Saint Petersburg (05/17/2019)
  • Festival "GEEK & MUSIC!" (10/13/2019)[46]
  • Hinode Power Japan Japanese Culture Festival (06/06/2020) online
  • Death Note The Concert (04/17/2021)[47]
  • Musical Festival (05/15-16/2021)
  • Festival "GEEK & MUSIC!" (06/05/2021)[48]
  • International Musical Festival 2021 "A Song For You" in Shanghai, China (February 2021) online

Maya Hakvoort (star of the musicals Elisabeth (musical)|Elizabeth, Rebecca (musical)|Rebecca and many others), Mikelangelo Loconte (star of the rock opera Mozart, l'opéra rock|Mozart), Damien Sargue (Romeo and Juliet, The Three Musketeers and others), Igor Krol and other music performers from Germany, Korea and the USA were attended in the event.

  • Concert Night of Cinema Musicals in the Bakhrushin Museum (08/28/2021)[49]


In March 2020, together with the team of the Rock-Opera Theater, he took part in the TV show Hundred to One on the Russia-1 channel (broadcast on June 28, 2020).[50]

On June 12, 2020, he took part in the #MYROSSIYA festive concert in the Peter and Paul Fortress, dedicated to the Day of Russia. The broadcast was organized by the TV channel Saint Petersburg[51].


The Last Trial (fantasy musical)

There was never such a literal understanding of the musical texts before. Each word was pronounced with the proper meaning. It gets scary sometimes. Yes, it is impossible to fall in love with such a Raistlin, yes, «love is a death», and after watching Yaroslav's version you will be convinced that this is a tragedy and not a second-rate fantasy"

Anton Kruglov, composer // Vox Populi: online magazine. - 2019 .-- November 20. Margaret Weis|Margaret Weiss, author of the Dragonlance book series. About the promo video of Yaroslav's premiere in the role of Raistlin Majere, the character she created.

Rock-opera Jesus Christ Superstar The appearance of Jesus at first causes some dissonance - Yaroslav Bayarunas, who played the main role that evening, seemed very young for this role, but once you hear the memorable arias in his performance, all doubts are immediately dispelled, and you take the created image on faith and think: “Yes Christ could have been like that. " Indeed: Jesus Christ is a superstar.” Anna Neverova. Easter Sunday with the rock opera "Jesus Christ Superstar" // MuseCube. The territory of creative freedom.: Internet magazine. - 2016 .-- May 3.

“If anyone watches us on YouTube, they could see how Yaroslav Bayarunas emotionally performed a fragment of Judas' aria here. Thank you very much, it was great ... We invite everyone who wants to see it all live! True, this is very energizing, here I wanted to dance in my chair.”

Marina Stavniychuk, radio host for Echo of Moscow. 50 years of the rock opera Jesus Christ is a superstar! Forever # 1! // Echo of Moscow: radio station. - 2020 .-- January 17.

Live Performing Concerts of Yaroslav Bayarunas, except the undoubted acting and vocal talent of the performers, this is a whole world of musical sensations and feelings. There is always live music, musical experiments and original arrangements, always surprises and special effects, always amazing turns and a new mood every time! There is a different story each time and a separate universe ...”


RockWeek: rock magazine. - 2019.- December 4 “First of all, Yaroslav Bayarunas brought everything together with vocals. The vocal of this artist has an interesting property - somehow it turns out to capture different shades of emotions, but turn them into one spectrum. And then - he passes it through himself and gives away completely. It is mesmerizing and makes you want more.”

Evgenia Smekhova. Shameless Bayarunas // MuseCube. Territory of creative freedom: Internet magazine. - 2020.- February 5.


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