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Battle Zombies NFT
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Battle Zombies NFT is a non-fungible token collection of the digital art and GameFi ecosystem on the Solana blockchain. The project offers both 2D and 3D digital rooted in a unique ever evolving storyline that also offers a Play to win and Play to earn 3D digital game. Battle Zombies NFT is the first ever NFT project to host a real life NFT hunt in London, bringing NFTs, bringing crypto and gaming together in both the metaverse and real world.[1]

The project will offer real time incentives to users to win prizes in the form of NFTs & Cryptocurrency tokens. Battle Zombies NFT will include 11,939 Battle Zombies for sale, each zombie will have over 210 attributes. The creators have also announced that 500 comics will be released as NFT, that will be exclusively given to 500 random community members.[2]


Battle Zombies is bridging the gap between digital and tangible art. There are a total of 11,939 Battle Zombies with over 210 attributes, algorithmically generated with limited availability of blockchain technology. They were originally released for 1 SOL and can be claimed with cryptocurrency wallets. A free Demon Dog NFT will be offered to the Battle Zombies NFT holders as their companion.

Battle Zombies NFT creators have released the beta version of the game before starting mint, as they are advocates on prioritising utility. It is the first NFT project, merging digital and tangible art together while supporting independent artists and businesses. In their planned paintballing event, the Battle Zombies community get to battle it out in real time beyond the screen, further strengthening comradery of the community. A sum of $50,000 generated from the proceeds of their mint will be donated to veterans.

Types and attributes

Certain traits make the NFTs rarer than others. The current project has over 210 attributes and traits with a ranking system; Private, Sergeant, Lieutenant and General.

Roadmap of Battle Zombies NFT

Game Launch, Comics and NFT Hunt: On November 14, 2021, a beta version of the game was launched for the iOS and Android platforms. Several Play 2 Win aspects were included in the game, which will be updated in the future with the inclusion of P2E features. They will be hosting a planned NFT hunt in the United Kingdom to bring awareness for NFTs and Web3.

Launch: Total 11,939 Zombies NFT will be launched and minting will begin in this phase. The initial 1,000 holders will receive one free mint and 80% of revenues will be shared with holders and 10% sales will be kept in a mutual wallet escrow. Exclusive 500 NFT comics will be released, issued to random NFT holders. The creators will donate a sum of $50,000 to the veterans.

Demon Dog NFT: Demon Dog NFT will be added to the storyline at this stage and all NFT holders will receive a complimentary Demon Dog NFT .

Allied Resistance: In order to destroy the Zombies, a special allied task force consisting of troops from the United States, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union will be formed. The NFTs for the special allied task force will be ready for minting at this time. Holders will get a 60 percent share of all sales. In this phase, the creators will take 20-40 members of their community to the United Kingdom for PAINTBALLING, sponsored by them.

War: As a countermeasure to the Special Allied Task Force's resistance, mad scientists build Zombie Super Soldier Bosses. Mad Scientists NFTs and Zombie Bosses NFTs are now available for minting. Holders will get a 60 percent share of all sales. The introduction of cryptocurrency is scheduled for December.


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