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Bailey Graham
Bailey Graham.png
Born (1997-01-13) January 13, 1997 (age 25)
Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Sculpture Artist
  • photographer
  • entrepreneur
Known forDark surrealism sculptures
Notable work
  • Hyper-realistic fungi
  • Antler crowns
  • Full sculptures
  • David Moore Art Prize (2015)
  • Art Honours Award (2013)
WebsiteOfficial website

Bailey Graham (born January 13, 1997) also known as Blue is a Canadian sculpture artist, entrepreneur, filmmaker and surrealist photographer. Graham currently lives in London, England and is the founder of Sun and Cedar, an art house that represents and sells her work. Graham is best known for pioneering creating hyper realistic fungi with the use of wood elements that reflects the relationship of nature and death.[1]

Born in Nova Scotia, Canada, she has the ability to inculcate a sense of awe in viewers of his art. Graham models attractive turbulent full sculptures and woodland crowns that are highly thematic. While her fame initially was for her early work mixing paintings and surrealist photography, in a short span of time, she became known for mixed media sculptures.[2][3]

From the unanticipated style of representation of antler crowns, her reputation grew, and Graham has been able to gain attention of art lovers and considered as an early preeminent sculptor of her time. Her work is often featured in photoshoots, films, major events, music videos and as well as private weddings.[4]

Apart from being an artist, Graham has been able to gain attention as an influencer especially on TikTok and able to build a massive following on her social handles. She currently works at one of the United Kingdom’s biggest film festivals, Raindance Film Festival, responsible for media as well as marketing. [5][6]

Early life and education

Graham was born on January 13, 1997 in Nova Scotia, Canada. Right from her childhood, she was highly inclined towards art, she began making art from a young age. Graham attended Nova Scotia College of Art and Design for a Bachelors of Arts. During her time at college, she was introduced to sculpting, painting, printmaking, drawing and media. This is where she found herself more towards media, especially graphic design and films.

After moving to London UK, she was inspired to create a career with her dark surrealist sculptures, and began attending exhibitions and galleries with her work. Her work has been seen in multiple music videos, as well as short films to date.


In 2015, Graham started her company Sun and Cedar at the age of 18, to showcase her work. She started her career with paintings and once she started working on sculptures, it quickly gained her focus primarily on it.

Graham met a life threatening incident in 2015 and also lost someone very close in the same year. She incorporated her grief and feelings into her work in a cohesive manner, weaving together the themes she was already working with as well as her new set of sentiments.

Her work is distinguished by a distinctive mixed media style of sculpting that incorporates both exaggerated and realism into its compositions. Her art investigates the relationship that exists between death and nature. She incorporates a variety of influences into her work, and she harnesses her passion and curiosity for the unknown to elicit emotional responses from the viewer.

In 2019, she joined Raindance Film Festival, where she is responsible for creating media and marketing.


Graham has been recognized for her work on multiple occasions. She has been featured in Adobe for her contribution on how to end bullying. In 2013, Graham received the Art Honours Award and in 2015, she received the David Moore award.



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