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Bad Baby Dino
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Developer(s)Bad Baby Dino

Bad Baby Dino is a blockchain artwork that allows users to purchase, collect, and sell Bad Baby Dinos as non-fungible tokens. The project focuses on four different characters as opposed to the standard one character in the other NFTs. Bad Baby Dinos are the result of computer code being created algorithmically, which differentiates all characters to be alike. However, some traits are different from others.

Bad Baby Dinos NFT is popular among younger generations aged between 18-25, however, they have begun to attract significant attention in age groups 25-35 and even older as NFTs become more mainstream. There will never be more than the original 12,000 Bad Baby Dinos. Due to their rarity and added utility, Bad Baby Dinos has been expected to fetch higher prices on the open market. The crypto art blockchain project is aimed at helping children-based charity organizations and bringing communities from all over the world together via their own Metaverse and NFT Gaming.[1]


Bad Baby Dinos are created through Blockchain technology, making them limited digitally rare. The story revolves around the survival of 12,000 unique dinos, that were available to survive extinction. There are four characters Brachiosaurus, Triceratops, T-Rex, and Pterodactyl. Bad Baby Dinos are set to be released and can be minted by anyone with an Ethereum wallet such as MetaMask wallet and Coinbase wallet using a web application.

The cost to claim a Bad Baby Dinos NFTS is .05 ETH each mint with a limitation of 10 mint max per wallet.

Types and attributes

The collectible appeal of Bad Baby Dinos is improvised with the rarities of certain traits and types of characters. Most of the 12,000 Dinos are Brachiosaurus, Triceratops, and T-Rex, along with 1,000 Pterodactyl. Aside from character type, there was a potential of 200 custom traits to uniquely identify each other from different skins, hats, glasses, clothing, and more.[2]

Road map

Below are 6 phases for Bad Baby Dino: Phase 1: Create original, humorous, and endearing Bad Baby Dino artwork for the development stage. Create and launch a Discord server for the whole community. Phase 2: The development of Web3 technology for smart contract(s), including both the frontend and backend technologies, in preparation for minting. Also, focus on advertising, branding, and engaging in social outreach to ensure that everyone is aware of the Bad Baby Dino community. Phase 3: This phase will have a presale which will have a unique edge over the general public drop on the day of the main public drop. Whitelisted individuals will be allowed privileged access and will have a full 24 hours to mint their coins at their leisure if they have been approved. The presale minting fee will be only .03 Ethereum per mint, with a maximum of 10 mints per wallet during the presale. Phase 4: The whole collection will be available for the public drop. The specifics of the public drop will be kept secret until shortly before the scheduled drop time. Each mint is worth 0.05 ETH, with a maximum of 10 mints per wallet. Phase 5: Upon 100 percent mint, the Bad Baby Dino team will be donating at least $50,000 to a charity of their choice, as well as an additional $50,000 to a handful of other organizations selected by the Bad Baby Dino community. Phase 6: Holders of the top Bad Baby Dinos will be eligible for Dino Snacks from the snack jar, which is an Ethereum reward for holding a Bad Baby Dino. The team will make a donation of 10 Ethereum to get the Dino Snack Jar up and running. Every week, the team will deposit half of the trade volume commission they earn from Open Sea into the snack jar, and will donate the other half to those in need in their community. Phase 7: A far bigger initiative will be underway, and this is just the first step of that endeavor. Bad Baby Dinos are already working with The Land Vault development team on developing their very own Metaverse which will include a concert venue, community town hall and store front, and a few fun play-to-earn NFT games!


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