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AwardWallet, LLC
Privately-held company[1]
Traded asAwardWallet
  • Software
  • Information technology
  • Travel management
  • Loyalty programs
FoundersAlexi Vereschaga[2]
Todd Mera[3]
HeadquartersBethlehem, Pennsylvania, United States[1]
Key people
Erik Paquet (Editor-in-Chief)[4]

AwardWallet is an American Software as a service company that allows users to digitally store, track and manage loyalty programs, frequent flyer accounts and credit cards.[5][6][7] AwardWallet is based out of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.[1] In 2012, AwardWallet was involved in a series of disputes with several airlines companies which denied access to AwardWallet's tracking software on their websites.[8][9][10]


AwardWallet was established in 2004[11] by Alexi Vereschaga[12] and Todd Mera,[4] two former employees and software engineers from the Aelita Software Corporation.[2][3] The company's initial focus was on tracking loyalty and reward programs for frequent flyer users. It later expanded its services by adding a variety of customer loyalty programs[13] and also allowing users to manage their accounts.[7][14][15] AwardWallet added a companion mobile application for iOS and Android (operating system)|Android devices apparently in 2010 or 2011.[16][5][17]As of June 2020, AwardWallet had over 650,000 members and 705 loyalty programs.[18][19] AwardWallet software has been discussed and cited in travel and technology sections of the media outlets such as BBC,[20] CNN,[21] Bloomberg,[22] Forbes,[7] Entrepreneur,[23] Vox[24] Los Angeles Times[25][26] CNBC[27] and The Wall Street Journal.[28]

Technology and API integration

AwardWallet's software is equipped with several APIs related to the travel space including an AwardWallet Email Parsing API, AwardWallet Web Parsing API, and AwardWallet Account Access API. For example, Email Parsing API retrieves travel reservations from confirmation emails. Travel reservations are then parsed by the API to return the reservation data in a structured JSON format[29] The AwardWallet Account Access API operates via OAuth protocol.[30] The AwardWallet Web Parsing API retrieves account balance, membership tier, expiration date and more from online accounts. It also provides access to travel itineraries and historical account activity.[31] A number of sources[17][32][33] indicate that the AwardWallet software is a part of an emerging API economy.[34][35]


AwardWallet was a part of controversy related to the denial of the airline companies to have tracking software programs in their API systems. In late 2012, AwardWallet (along with TripIt and MileWise) received a number of cease and desist letters from American Airlines, Delta Air Lines|Delta,[10][36] United Airlines[8] and Southwest Airlines, demanding that AwardWallet discontinue accessing their websites for tracking clients' miles rewards programs.[9][6] In August 2013, American Airlines resumed its use of the AwardWallet by integrating its software in the company's API.[17][37][6]


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