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Aron Moldovanyi
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Aron Tibor Moldovanyi

(1976-01-31) January 31, 1976 (age 47)
Koszeg, Hungary
NationalityHungarian Canadian
Alma materEszterhazy Karoly College
  • Global Director of Properties
  • Luxury Hotelier
OrganizationFamily Offices of UHNW
Known forBillionaire’s Genie
  • Six International Hotel Awards
  • Two CVA Awards
  • Diamond Pin Award (CCL)
  • Two Culinary Awards

Aron Moldovanyi is a Hungarian-Canadian EXCUTIVE CHIEF OF STAFF, Global Director of Residencies, and a former award winning luxury hotelier. He manages the portfolios of the ultra-rich and famous and is one of the most accomplished family office executives in the private household sector for UHNW individuals.

Moldovanyi is renowned for opening one of the world’s most expensive boutique hotels, Antara Palace, in 2013. He is well acclaimed as the "Billionaire's Genie" and is approached by celebrities and ultra-rich people worldwide to manage their estates, jets, yachts, and private islands.[1]

Early life and education

Moldovanyi was born and raised in Koszeg, Hungary. He attended Jurisich Miklos Experimental High School. He later got accepted to the Department of American Studies at EKTF College in Eger, Hungary, with the highest score in the nation in 1994. In 1998, he graduated from EKTF, after which he enrolled in Carnival Cruise Line’s Food and Beverage College.

Moldovanyi credits his disciplined and enthusiastic nature to his childhood love for sports, which significantly shaped his future. As a competitive athlete he won over a dozen gold medals in national and international championships in free style roman wrestling and athletics, (100, 200, and 400x100 relay) and became a two-time national champion in Hungary.[2]


Moldovanyi began his career in the luxury cruise industry in 1998. He joined Carnival Cruise Line to gain worldwide expertise and experience in the luxury hospitality industry and spent years working on some of the largest floating hotels in the world.[3]

In 2008, Moldovanyi joined Kingsway Hall Hotel, a five-star property in central London as Operations Manager.

In 2009, he was hired by the renowned Il Bottaccio Group as Director of UK Operations to work for the prestigious D'Anna family.

In 2013, Sandor Kenyeres Hungarian/UAE international business magnate and cultural visionary recruited Moldovanyi to turn-key deliver, open and manage the first six-star palace hotel in Europe.

In addition to his General Manager and Estates Director duties, by 2014 Moldovanyi was also promoted Director to the Operations (Mardalia Ltd.) and Manning (Manzanita Ltd.) companies of Kenyeres’s international organisation.

After gaining Kenyeres's trust Moldovanyi was appointed to represent Kenyeres's Eden City (€3.4 billion) 200.000 sqm mixed-use seaside-man-made island luxury resort development project at the World Union of Arab Banks Annual Summit in Beirut, Lebanon in 2014.

He also represented the philanthropist billionaire and his luxury hospitality projects as a member of the Cyprus Presidential Delegation (ICC) on official state visits and investment forums in Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE.[4]

In 2015 he co-founded LAM Medinvest with Mohammed Ali Alfardan (public figure, Bahrain) and was capital raising for and promoting various high-profile government projects such as the Cebren (Macedonia) Hydro Dam Construction with AEG Industrial Engineering, Germany.

Moldovanyi migrated to Canada in 2018 and began aiding some of the wealthiest citizens with establishing operations for their newly constructed estates, private islands, and overseas vacation homes. Moldovanyi was eventually hired by Forbes-listed billionaire Louie Brandt to work on Sonora Island, BC, where he was in charge of the operations of a 5-star hotel and his estates.

In 2019, Raymond Executives head hunted Moldovanyi to be in charge of another billionaire's extensive North American portfolio. In 2020 he joined a US based diplomatic mission. He is one the highest-ranking and most accomplished Canadian in the private household. In his 20 years of experience managing palaces, hotels, private estates, and islands for billionaires, he has been honoured with six international hotel awards, two CVA awards and two culinary awards.[5] and has been featured in the LA Weekly, the Tribune and various luxury lifestyle magazines around the world.[5]

Awards and recognitions

  • In 1994, Moldovanyi received the Outstanding Student, Outstanding Athlete Award from former Hungarian Prime Minister, Dr. Pal Schmidt (then Head of the Hungarian Olympic Committee)
  • Moldovanyi received the Diamond Pin award from Bob Dickinson, President of CCL (2003)
  • Guest Award Presenter at the Monaco Yacht Show VVIP Gala (2014)
  • Moldovanyi is highly regarded as an award-winning luxury hotelier.[6] He has been credited with 6 international hotel awards, 2 CVA awards and 2 culinary awards.[7]

Personal life

Moldovanyi currently resides in Los Angeles, California, along with his wife, Michelle Moldovanyi and son, Maximus Aron Moldovanyi.[8] He actively donates to non-profit organisations and institutions that offer support and sports scholarships to children from families facing financial hardship.[9]



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