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Arielle Scarcella
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Born (1986-07-07) July 7, 1986 (age 38)
CitizenshipUnited States of America
OccupationYouTube personality

Arielle Scarcella (born July 7, 1986) is an American YouTube personality, vlogger and social commentator who mainly produces videos about LGBT culture, LGBT rights and women's issues. Her views on transgender people have led some to call her trans-exclusionary or transphobic.

YouTube career

Scarcella, who is a lesbian, started her YouTube channel in 2010. She created content mainly geared towards the gay and lesbian community, where she used the means of comedy to spread her message and as well as interviewing guests on her channel, who generally were part of the LGBT community. She had made trans-related content from 2013, where she featured transgender people.[1] Some of her videos included adult content, such as depiction of sex toys and erotic spanking.

In 2020, Scarcella announced in her channel that she had "left the left". She began to receive criticism as her videos became more conservative-leaning, with some accusing her of being a "TERF" and "transphobic".[2][3]


Scarcella first announced that she would leave the left in an interview with Tim Pool, where she blamed the radical left and their intolerance for her decision, as she lost many followers and as well as friends because of her decision. On why she left the left she states, "I don’t think like these people, and I no longer want to be associated with them".[1] Despite her more conservative views,[4] Scarcellas still uses preferred pronouns, saying she is "for trans rights, but not at the expense of female safety".[1]

Due to these repercussions, Scarcella has felt that she had been "cancelled, tortured, tormented [and] harassed" by the LGBT+ community, whilst stating she had "witnessed literal mentally ill individuals who are latching themselves onto the LGBT+ community without actually being LGBT+ for the sake of oppression points, external Normative social influence|validation and sympathy." She concludes, "It's gotten to the point where I can no longer even list LGBT+ or women empowerment in my Instagram and Twitter bios without people thinking I'm part of this ridiculously woke cult."[5]


In February 2020, the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras de-platformed a panel featuring Scarcella after an online petition was created to scrap her. Scarcella was due to present on the ticketed panel discussion organized by Les-Tal event on women's sexuality as the only lesbian speaker, but was ultimately replaced as the SGLMG did not want to "endorse and sponsor transphobia". In response to this consequence, Scarcella labeled the move as being misogynistic and lesbophobic and felt as if this was an erasure and disrespect of lesbians.[6]


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