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Architectural design, construction supervision, and planning are all responsibilities of an architect. Architecture as achieved through the provision of services in conjunction with the design of structures and the space inside the site around the buildings that have the primary aim of accommodating human habitation or usage. Architect is derived etymologically from the Latin architectus, which in turn is derived from the Greek (arkhi-, chief, + tekton (builder), i.e., chief builder).

Architecture professionals must meet a variety of qualifications that differ from location to place. In order to be licenced to practise architecture, architects must complete specialised training that includes advanced study and a practicum (or internship) to get hands-on practical experience before being granted a licence to practise. Architects are required to meet a variety of practical, technical, and academic criteria, which differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. However, formal architectural education at academic institutions has played an important part in the growth of the profession as a whole.