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IndustryVisualization charts and dashboards
FoundersAnton Baranchuk, Timothy Loginov
Unittes States of America
OwnerAnyChart LLC

AnyChart is a JavaScript library for cross-platform data visualization in the form of interactive charts and dashboards. It was initially available as a Flash chart component and integrated as such by Oracle in Oracle Application Express(APEX).


AnyChart was first developed in 2003 as a Flash chart component to visualize XML data.[1]

In 2007, Oracle licensed AnyChart to implement Flash charting in Oracle Application Express (APEX) used by 100,000 software developers monthly as of March 2007.[2][3][4]

With the APEX 4.2 release in 2012, AnyChart 6 was introduced with the support of HTML5 charts based on Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) rendering in addition to Flash charts. Version 7.x of AnyChart was already completely based on JavaScript and HTML5.[3]

AnyChart 8.x first released in 2017 has a modular system and supports more than 90 chart types, including variations of basic charts, Gantt charts, stock graphs with technical indicators, and maps, along with custom drawing and diverse options to work with data. In 2019, it also became available as visualization extensions for Qlik Sense.[1][5][6]


AnyChart is free for non-profit use and requires a paid software license for use in commercial software. Its source code is Source-available open on GitHub since release 7.13.0. The library's graphics rendering engine is available under the free BSD licenses|BSD license; it was tweaked from AnyChart and open-sourced as a separate JavaScript Application programming interface (API) under the name of GraphicsJS in 2016.[7][8][9]


AnyChart has industry awards. In 2016, ProgrammableWeb named it one of the most interesting big data and analytics APIs,[10] and the CIOReview magazine included it in the top 20 data visualization tools.[11]

In 2018, AnyChart won a DEVIES award at DeveloperWeek in California for the Best Innovation in JavaScript Technology.[12][13]

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