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Anton Adasinsky
Антон Александрович Адасинский
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Born (1959-04-15) April 15, 1959 (age 64)
Dolgiy Most, Russia
  • Actor
  • Director
  • Choreographer
  • Musician
Years active1978–present
OrganizationDEREVO theatre company
Known forKnown for Faust (2011), Süd. Grenze (2001) and The Nutcracker (2008)
  • Galina Antonovna Adasinskaya (mother)
AwardsFringe First, Total Theatre, Nika Award, Golden Mask

Anton Adasinsky (Russian Антон Александрович Адасинский; born 15 April 1959) is a Soviet and Russian actor, director, choreographer and musician. The founder and leader of DEREVO theatre company, member of the band AVIA (Rus. -АВИА).


His mother, Galina Antonovna Adasinskaya (1921—2009), was the granddaughter of the Mensheviks — M.I.Broido and E. L. Broido.

He studied in the theatre studio of Slava Polunin and worked in the original cast of {Teatr Licedei. From 1985 to 1988, he performed with the band AVIA (rus. АВИА) (vocals, pantomime, trumpet, guitar). Participated in the shootings of the documentary film ROCK (1987) by Alexei Uchitel. In 1988, he organized and founded the theatre company DEREVO (Rus. - Дерево) in Leningrad which he is leading up to the present moment. After a few years of working in Leningrad - St. Petersburg, theatre company DEREVO kept moving its base to Prague, then to Florence and then to Amsterdam. Since 1997, theatre DEREVO has a permanent rehearsal base in Dresden (Germany) in Festspielhaus Hellerau.

Scriptwriter, director and the protagonist in the film Süd. Grenze (2001).[1]

In 2001 Anton Adasinsky performed as Drosselmeyer in the ballet The Nutcracker by the Mariinsky Theatre (staging by Mikhail Chemiakin).[2]

In the recent years, he resumed performances with the band AVIA as a soloist, leader of gymnastic group, trumpeter, bass and guitar player.

In 2013, he was rewarded with Nika Award - The Best Male Actor for his role in Alexander Sokurov's film Faust.[3]

Artistic activity

Music career

From 1970 until 1975, whilst still studying at school, simultaneously he finished a music course in classic guitar. Pedagogue – Evgeniy Fedorovich Larionov. He attended chorus and jazz classes. In 1975, in 8th grade he created a music trio. Guitar, violin and vocal. Performed his own songs and compositions from the repertoire of “Pesniary” («Песняры»). He represented his school at all the music competitions of USSR. In 1976, the trio joins the rock band “Second Breath” («Второе дыхание») at the club Pietrogradets (Петроградец) in St. Petersburg. Since 1979, he started to spend more time exercising choreography.

In 1982, he joined the studio Licedei directed by Slava Polunin. He took his first lessons of trumpet from Vyacheslav Gaivoronskiy with whom later on, they would tie together on a long artistic road. Anton began to learn the drums under supervision of Roman Dubinnikov. In the street shows of Licedei, he played the drums and trumpet, for the first time attempting to merge dance and music. He found like-minded people amongst clowns – Leonid Leykin (Леонид Лейкин) and Valery Keft (ВалерийКефт) with whom afterwards he would create a trio Mumiye (Мумие). In 1984, he left Licedei to begin his solo career.[4]

Since 1985, he took part in all the editions of Pop-Mechanics(Поп-Механика) by Sergey Kuryokhin as an actor and singer[5]. He performed with trio Mumiye and with the band Strannye Igry (Странные игры) by Alexander Davidov, which after the decease of A. Davidov, was divided into AVIA and Games (Игры). In 1986, he staged a gymnastic show for AVIA and filmed a cult music video "I don’t love you" (Я не люблю тебя).[6]

In 1986, Anton Adasinsky, already as DEREVO, and Alexander Nemkov recorded via a reel-type tape recorder the first album Asphalt of the band Stereo Zoldat (Стерео Зольдат). Participants – A. Nemkov (guitar), Sergey Kuryokhin (keyboard), M.Nefedov Alisa (drums), A. Simagin (guitar), A. Adasinskiy (bass guitar).

In 1988, Anton left AVIA and got involved himself more in theatre. In 1989, the entire DEREVO was invited for the music recording of the soundtrack to the film Romantik directed by Mark Braude. The film received the award for the Best Music.

In 1990, theatre DEREVO left for Prague[7]. There, the multi-instrumentalist and composer Roman Dubinnikov joined DEREVO who performed with DEREVO for the next three years and continued the intensive classes of rhythm and music philosophy with Anton and his actors. In 1992, there came out the album Pesochnitsa (Песочница) by R. Dubinnikov that included also the compositions of theatre DEREVO. In 1996, a disciple of Roman Dubinnikov – Andrey Sizintsev (drums, guitar, vocal) joined theatre DEREVO. And theatre DEREVO practically started to perform only live sound in the shows.

Anton dedicated himself more to ethnic and self-made instruments. He was experimenting with 5-string and 8-string guitars. Recorded many noises and sounds.

In 1997, theatre DEREVO recorded its album Together with you under the supervision of A. Sizintsev. Many compositions from the album became the soundtrack for the film Süd. Grenze and for the show La Divina Commedia.

Year 2000 — Anton just finished a one-and-half-year long work with the soundtrack for the 16-mm film Süd. Grenze. The recording was made with a two-inch magnetic film without any possibility for computer editing. One of the fans of this film is Holger Czukay (the band Can).

In 2006, after a serious injury during the show Ketzal, Anton decided to leave the stage and to get seriously involved in music. That was when he met Alan Price, John Surman.[8]

He got together the band Positive Band, consisting of: Nikolai Gusev, Victor Vyrvich, Alexei Rakhov, Andrey Sizintsev, Igor Timofeev. In 2008, the band Positive Band performed with its premiere concert AHTUNG! Music! in St. Petersburg at Music Hall. Subsequently, the team was changing insignificantly and the band considered its activity not as a touring system, but as an esthetically mobile project. Each concert was quite improvised. In 2010, Anton produced the release of the first album Doppio by «Positive Band». Sound producer - V. Tverdyukov.

"I’ve started my own group – the Positive Band – and I am not a young man. I put my guitar back on, wrote a couple of songs, played a concert. People came. Liked it. Have a dream, live it.[9]"

Year 2011. Anton Adasinsky altogether with Daniel Williams (Scotland) wrote the music for DEREVO's show Harlequin.

Year 2013. He continued to work a lot with Vyacheslav Gayvoronskiy. He started to learn computer music seriously with the composer Daniel Williams.

In 2015, after the decease of Dmitriy Tyulpanov, he released his album Spasibo! Spasibo! where Dima played all the instruments.

Year 2016. He rejoined the band AVIA and performed on the Palace Square in St. Petersburg.[10]

Year 2016. He released a solo performance Rakushka in St. Petersburg where he played 9 instruments and used only poetry and texts of his own composition.

In 2017, he used only his music and some classic compositions for the show The Power of Current.

In 2018, he performed in Dresden with Vyacheslav Gayvoronskiy. Vyacheslav on keyboards, vocal and trumpet. Anton on drums, vocal and guitar.


The show, actions, projects of DEREVO theatre company.

On this list, there are mentions of premieres and single actions. The touring activity is not indicated.

" If you are living for the theatre, if you are living for the performance every day, it automatically includes your lifestyle. You don’t need to jump like a ballet dancer, you don’t need to make stupid strange movements which people call dance, but if you just make clear movement, or clear energy, a clear image - that is dance for me." Anton Adasinskiy[11]

Year Title
1988 The Zone of Red, studio DEREVO (Leningrad, RUS)

The Plaster Mask, "Nevsky Prospect", (Leningrad, RUS)

A Night's Balance, "Imatra Festival" (FINLAND) Together with German Vinogradov (bells)

1989 The Monologues at the Coffin. Studio DEREVO (Leningrad, RUS) Altogether with the Leningrad duo – Vyacheslav Gayvoronskiy and Vladimir Volkov

Black Soil. Festival "OEROL", Terschelling (NL)

War, River, Milk. Festival "Eurokaz", Zagreb, Ljubljana, Sarajevo, Budva (YU)

Five characters. San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego (USA)

Nevsky Prospect. Leningrad (RUS)

1990 Dinner. Leningrad (RUS)

Dislike for Geometry. Prague (CZ)

Don't be a fool, Losha. Prague (CZ)

The man who kisses the bottom of a boat. Prague (CZ)

1991 A ram out of a hare's skin, Hierosolymitan festival (IL)

Lighthouse, Budva (YU)

Master and disciple. A collaborative project with theatre "Shaoduba", HIV-positive actors, "ARENA", Wien (АU)

1992 Rider, Prague (CZ)

Attraction of Wishes Come True, Prague (CZ)

Mime Festival "Mimos", Périgueux (FR), DEREVO theatre receives the award “THE CRITICS’ PRIZE”[12]

1993 Shili-mi-shli, Saint Petersburg (RUS)

Looking for Feminine Lines, Festival "BABY DURY" (“WOMEN ARE FOOLS”), St. Petersburg (RUS)

Spokes Wheels, Festival "Oerol", Terschelling (NL)

Rider, Belgrade (YU), DEREVO theatre receives “GRAND PRIX”

DEREVO plays DEREVO - "Dream Festival" Amsterdam (NL)

Gadina, Amsterdam (NL)

1994 Paradiso, Rock scene, Amsterdam (NL)

On the edge, "Danceweek" festival, Dresden (DE)

Green Mask, Kassel (DE)

1995 Flights over water, Festival "BABY DURY" (“WOMEN ARE FOOLS”), Wuppertal (DE)

Marble, "International Theatreworkshop", Azzano (IT)

1996 Sud. Grenzen (“South. Border”), Dresden (DE)

Grauzone ("Grey Zone"), Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (DE)

Golden Egg, Festival "OEROL", Terschelling (NL)

1997 Inner gardens, Projekttheater, Dresden (DE)

Once, Festival "OEROL", Terschelling (NL)

Red Zone, Fringe Festival, Edinburgh (UK), DEREVO theatre receives the award "TOTAL THEATRE"[13]

1998 Four days in movement, Prague (CZ)

Roulette, DEREVO-laboratorium, Dresden (DE)

Sand, Festival "Oerol", Terschelling (NL)

A Cry of Bird, Festival "Oerol", Terschelling (NL)

Reflection, "Maszk" Festival, Szeged (HU)

Rider. Mime festival "Mimos", Périgueux (FR) DEREVO receives the award "PRIX MIMOS"[12]

Once. Edinburg Fringe Festival (UK), DEREVO theatre receives the awards "FRINGE FIRST" and "HERALD ANGEL".

1999 Lunar Day. DEREVO-laboratorium, Dresden (DE)

The Winter Fairytale, DEREVO-laboratorium, Dresden (DE)

2000 DEREVO receives the prize of the Academy of Arts, Berlin (DE)

Suicide (in progress), DEREVO-LABORATORIUM, Dresden (DE)

Reflection, Mime festival "MIMOS", Périgueux (FR) DEREVO theatre receives "PRIX MIMOS”

DEREVO receives the prize for innovation in art from "Ludwig Forum", Aachen (DE),

Once. The Principal National Prize of Theatre Critics Association. Mexico

2001 Sud. Grenze. Göteborgs filmfestival, (SE)

La divina Commedia, Festival "GoldenMask", Moscow (RUS),

The Crossing, The Church of the Three Wise Men, Dresden (DE)

2002 The Nutcracker, Mariinsky Theatre. Anton Adasinskiy dances the part of Drosselmeyer, Festival "Golden Mask", Moscow (RUS)

The Island in the Ocean, Dresden Music Festival 2002, Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (DE)

2003 The Island in the Ocean, Festival "Golden Mask", The center of Meyerhold, Moscow (RUS)

Raydenja . DEREVO-Laboratorium, Dresden (D)

2004 DEREVO plays DEREVO – in the context of the anniversary program dedicated to 10-th edition of the festival "Golden Mask", "Theatre of Moon", Moscow (RUS)

Purple. Collaboration project with Yvett Boszik, Merlin Theater, Budapest (HUN)

Vertical, Peter and Paul Fortress, Saint Petersburg (RUS)

Moth. Collaboration project between the company of Kazuo Ohno and DEREVO, Yokohama (JP)

Ketzal, Projekttheater, Dresden (DE)

The life and wonderful adventures of the Golden Egg, Goose's Foot and Lunar Pierrot. Projekttheater, Dresden (DE)

2005 Scar in my soul, Projekttheater, Dresden (DE)

The shouting of fish, Club "Platforma", St. Petersburg (RUS)

The Glance of an Owl, Club "Platforma", St. Petersburg (RUS)

The Second Sun, Gallery Bulthaup, St. Petersburg (RUS)

Vertikal – an art project, Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (DE)

Anton Adasinskiy plays the Drosselmeyer in the ballet "The Magic Nut" (music by S. Slonimskiy, staging by М. Chemiakin), Mariinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg (RUS)[2]

6 Сardinal points. Mini performances in the context of the festival "Schaubudensommer", Dresden (DE)

Lasso, festival "Sztuka Ulicy", Warsaw (PL)

The execution and post-mortem adventures of Pierrot, Warsaw (PL)

Vertikal 2005 "Mad in Japan" / "KETZAL" – the Russian premiere at Music Hall, Saint Petersburg (RUS)

Vertikal 2005 "Mad in Japan", the Atrium of the Ministry of Finances, Saxony, Dresden (DE)

The Clock of Druids, collaboration project with theatre "Sharmanka", Royal Museum, Edinburgh (UK)

2006 Volf Tango, the square in front of Kronstadt Naval Cathedral, Saint Petersburg (RUS)

Klurheit ("Clarity"), The German Hygiene Museum, Dresden (DE)

White dance,Festival Schaubuden Sommer, Dresden (DE)

"Face to Face", The Goethe Institute, Dresden (DE)

In the course of life, a performance for the celebration of 800-th jubilee of Dresden, next to the bridge Augustusbrücke, Dresden (DE)

Ketzal, Aurora Nova, St. Stephens, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Edinburgh (UK). AWARDS - "FRINGE FIRST", "HERALD ARCHANGEL" and "TOTAL THEATRE"

Just like this, together with the workshop students, Festival VERTICAL 2006, Music Hall, St. Petersburg (RU)

The action performance for the Opening Night of Robodock festival, Amsterdam (NL)

Korperfarbraum, Hofmühle, Dresden (DE)

XO, Festival "TanzHerbst", Dresden (DE)

Robert's dream, Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (DE)

2007 The collaborative action of Mikhail Chemiakin and theatre DEREVO "The St. Petersburg Carnivals ", Venice (IT)

BUTOH performance in the context of Poly-National Arts Carnival, Yokohama (JP)

BUTOH performance in the context Poly-National Arts Carnival, Tokyo (JP)

The action DEREVO, Korea Chenchuan Festival, Mime House, Chuncheonsi, Gangwondo (KR)

Wheel of power, Mannheim (DE)

A woman's shadow, Görlitz (DE)

Dry Tree, The opening show of Fringe Festival in Dublin (IRL)

Diagnosis, Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (DE)

2008 "The Gospel according to Anton" - «ALAT ++ 6.18», club Entresol, SPB (RUS)

"The Gospel according to Anton" - «CAMPARI», club Entresol, SBD (RUS)

"The Gospel according to Anton" - «Sasha Davidov», club Entresol, SPB (RUS)

"The Gospel according to Anton" - «Pisa-Berlin-Tula»,club Entresol, SPB (RUS)

"The Gospel according to Anton" - «Kostyuzheni», club Entresol, SPB (RUS)

"The Gospel according to Anton" - «Eternal Jew», club Entresol, SPB (RUS)

"Windrose. The Game", an open-air performance by DEREVO. Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (DE)

Everything is all right, DEREVO and Friends concert at Music Hall, St. Petersburg (RUS)

2009 "The Gospel according to Anton" Anton Edelman, solo improvisations by Anton Adasinsky

Entresol, St. Petersburg (RUS)

"The Gospel according to Anton" Anton Broide, solo improvisations by Anton Adasinsky

Entresol, St. Petersburg (RUS)

"The Gospel according to Anton" Anton Spielbauer, solo improvisations by Anton Asasinsky

Entresol, St. Petersburg (RUS)

Harlequin, Music Hall, St. Petersburg (RUS)

White Castle. Open-air performance by DEREVO nearby the Dresden Gallery “Zwinger”, Dresden (DE).

Anima allegra , theatre DEREVO at 12th festival Scheune-Schaubudensommer, Dresden (DE)

Action-Concert by DEREVO, Anton Adasinskiy and The Positive Band on the beach of Peter and Paul's Fortress. With participation of Evgeniy “AI-AI-AI” Fedorov and Olga Arefiyeva at the Closing of Open Cinema, St. Petersburg (RUS)

A Fool's Kingdom – a performance at 12th festival of street theatre, Radebeul near Dresden (DE)

Nature morte, a collaboration project between DEREVO / AKHE / The Arches / Conflux, Glasgow, Scotland (UK)[14]

Mushroom Show, with participation of Anton Adasinsky, LeonidLeykin and The Positive Band, Festival "Licedei-open", Theatre "Licedei", St. Petersburg (RUS)

2010 Anton Adasinskiy takes part in the action "The Soul Physics", Laboratory "PLACE" (Uralskaya St.), St. Petersburg (RUS)

Mephisto Waltz, Meta-Theatre by Mikhail Chemiakin (FR)

The Harlequin's struggle with his own shadow in the search of a wine barrel and eternal life, the Albrechtsburg Castle, Meissen (DE)

Ahasverus, Schaubudensommer Festival, Dresden (DE)

Cat on the accordion, music and dance performance at Saint Michael's Castle, St. Petersburg (RUS)

2011 The evening of risky revelations. For the 10thAnniversary: «THE NUTCRACKER» died! Long live the "NUTCRACKER!" The secret material of the backstage wars. The rumors of the Russian ballet told and shown by Mikhail Chemyakin and Anton Adasinsky, Licedei Theater, St. Petersburg (RUS)

A drop in the ocean, Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (DE)

Snowflakes, DEREVO's students show their own works and etudes, Festspielhaus Hellerau (Spero-Saal), Dresden (DE)

2012 Noah's Arch, Music Hall, St. Petersburg (RUS)

Harlequin , festival "Golden Mask" , Theatre of Moon, Moscow (RUS)

The school of Anton Adasinsky (DEREVO) presents: "LUNIS. One question. One answer" Theatre BlackBox, St. Petersburg (RUS)

Born with the Wind, the DEREVO School on Wheels at the festival OEROL, Terschilling (NL)

Journey into a Dream, the DEREVO School on Wheels at the festival Scheune Schaubudensommer, Dresden (DE)

Mephisto Waltz, Edinburgh Fringe festival (UK)[15]

The Fifth Sun, Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (DE)

Sake, Moon and Horse, a solo by Anton Adasinsky, Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (DE)

2013 The Double. The Gospel according to Anton. The 10thday and the encounter with Anton Adasinsky, The center of Photography dedicated to brothers Lumiere, Moscow (RUS)

Vyacheslav Polunin and Anton Adasinsky at the Opening of Mikhail Chemiakin's exposition "Sidewalks of Paris ", Marble Palace (Russian Museum), St. Petersburg (RUS)

The Middle of Grey, Open-air action by Anton Adasinskiy, Pavel Semchenko (AKHE) and Makhina Dzhuraeva. The International congress “Protest.Kultur.Politik”, Heinrich Böll Foundation, Berlin (DE)

The Middle of Grey / Kasperol Paradox", Avant Art Festival, Wroclaw (PL)

Snowflakes II, the young dancers and students of DEREVO show their own works and etudes, Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (DE)

2014 Infernal Ball, Spring Festival, Budapest (HU)

When I’m gone. DEREVO’s open-air action, The Museum of Hygiene, Dresden (DE)

The story of a Girl, the Atrium of the General Headquarters, Hermitage, St. Petersburg (RUS)

In Your Hands - Open-air action ,Pergine Festival, Pergine (IT)

White Castle. Part 2 - Blind Regen- Open-air action, Zwinger, Dresden (DE)

An artistic evening-action by Anton Adasinsky. "Angleterre Film & Theatre", St.Petersburg (RUS)

Aerokraft, Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (DE)

2015 DEREVO "Day Care Center". The Training Scene of the New Stage at the Alexandrinsky Theater, St. Petersburg (RUS)

Kitchen. Improvisation by DEREVO, "A long night of Theatres", Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (DE)

DEREVO in the context of the Festival of German Cities, Albertinum, Dresden (DE)

Open-Air improvisation "Day Care Center" / DEREVO, ERART Stage, St. Petersburg (RUS)

Night, project "Day Care Center DEREVO", ERART Stage, St. Petersburg (RUS)

Herzstuck, Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (DE)

Na Zdorovje!, Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (DE)

2016 An action performance by Elena Yarovaya at the exposition "The Venetian Carnival", Saint Michael's Castle, St. Petersburg (RUS)

The Gospel according to Anton, part 11 SHELL, ERART stage, St. Petersburg (RUS)

Mist / Nebel, Scheune Schaubudensommer Festival, Dresden (DE)

When the trees were big, action by Elena Yarovaya before the screening of A. Tarkovskiy's film "Sacrifice", Osteuropäische Filmtage, KIF Dresden, (DE)

When I was small, action by Elena Yarovaya before the screening of A. Tarkovskiy's film "Stalker", Osteuropäische Filmtage, KIF Dresden, (DE)

Forget-Me-Not, show by Makhina Dzhuraeva and Alexey Popov, Spiro-Saal, Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (DE)

The Last Clown on Earth, Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (DE)

KeinMondTag, action dedicated to Chester Muller. Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (DE)

2017 Wolf Tango - Haram, action by Anton Adasinsky and Derevo at the festival "Avangardens", St. Petersburg (RUS)

Wolf Tango – Warm-blooded, action by Anton Adasinskiy and DEREVO at the festival "Avangardens", St. Petersburg (RUS)

Wolf Tango - Ovaryaction by Anton Adasinsky and DEREVO at the festival "Avangardens", St. Petersburg (RUS)

Wolf Tango - Snake Time, action by Anton Adasinsky and DEREVO at the festival "Avangardens", St. Petersburg (RUS)

Special Action: Tribute to Dmitry Tyulpanov, Pushkinskaya St. 10, St. Petersburg (RUS)

Solo by Elena Yarovaya, festival ScheuneSchaubudenSommer, Dresden (DE)

Red shoes. Solo by Elena Yarovaya at the Opening of Biennale OSTRALE, Dresden (DE)

The Power of Current. ERART Stage, St. Petersburg (RUS)

Kein Mоnd Tag – improvisation with workshop participants and DEREVO, Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (DE).

2018 Two questions to God, action by Anton Adasinsky and Alena Vorobiyova in the framework of festival BACHintheCITY, square in front of Bussmannkapelle, Dresden (DE)

AMONG ME Part 1 Body, The premiere of the new show by Anton Adasinsky, ERART Stage, St. Petersburg (RUS)

AMONG ME Part 2 Soul. The premiere of the new show by Anton Adasinsky, ERART Stage, St. Petersburg (RUS)

THE SKY COMES CLOSER, Shaubudensommer Festival, Dresden (DE)

The Midnight Balance - open-air action, Gorky Park, Moscow (RUS)

Happiness on Credit, Parallel World 1 : Societaetstheater, Dresden (DE)

The meaning of love, Parallel world 2: Societaetstheater, Dresden (DE)

The Verdict, Parallel World 3: Societaetstheater, Dresden (DE)

Adasinskiy as director in other theatres

Year Title
1991 Master and disciple. The show with theatre "Shaoduba", HIV-positive actors, "ARENA", Wien (АU)

Purple. Collaboration show with the company of Yvette Bozsik. Hungary

2014 Inferno Ball Collaboration show with the company of Yvette Bozsik. Hungary
2015 Who is happy in Russia. Director-choreographer. The show with the troupe of K.Serebrennikov at Gogol Centre, Moscow. Premiere at festival “Territory”, Moscow[16]
2016 Wolfhound AgeThe show with the troupe of K.Serebrennikov at Gogol Centre, Moscow. Premiere at festival “Territory”, Moscow[17]
2017 Wedding. Opera to the music by Anna Sokolovich with troupe of The Perm Tchaikovsky Opera and Ballet Theatre (artistic director Teodor Currentzis), Perm (RUS). Premiere at Diaghilevfestival[18]



Year Title Role
1986 Zero - One Stupid
1987 Rock Anton Adasinskiy
1984 IronGrandmas Cherepan
1997 Chianti Cha-Cha-Cha The name of character is not mentioned
2001 Sud. Grenzen Gaucho
2011 Faust Mephisto (Mephistopheles)
2013 TheMiddle of White Kasperol
2013 Signature (film) The Naked
2016 Viking The Magus
2017 V.Mayakovskiy V. Meyerhold
2018 Leto The Apartment Owner
2018 Bonus alter ego of Bonus


  • 1986 — Zero — One
  • 1994 — Iron Grandmas
  • 1997 — Chianti Cha-Cha-Cha
  • 2001 — Sud. Grenze
  • 2013 — The Middle of White
  • 2013 — Signature
  • 2019 — The ticket to «La Divina Comedia»

Film director

  • 2011 — Sud. Grenze
  • 2019 — The ticket to «La Divina Comedia» (work in progress)

Soundtrack to films

  • 1989 — Romantik. Director М. Braude
  • 2001 — Sud. Grenze
  • 2013 — Signature


1979 — collected stories With One’s Back to the Sun. The novels are dedicated to a six-month hitch-hiking adventure around USSR in 1978 together with Victor Rezunkov (now journalist at “Radio Svoboda”). Only four tales are recovered.

1986 — lyrics for the four songs of the album Asphalt: Lope de Vega, Dog, Good, From the point A...

2002-2018 — an online book Book of the Road.

2009 — lyrics for the album Doppio of the band Positive Band

2010 — book Harlequin. It was published as a photo album by the premiere of the show.

2013 — script for the film Doppio together with Elena Yarovaya.

2015 — book Shell.

Awards and nominations

  • 1997 — Total Theatre Award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Red Zone)[19]
  • 1998 — award Fringe First — the main prize of Edinburgh Fringe Festival («Once…»)
  • 2001 — normination for the prize «GoldenMask» («Suicide in progress»).
  • 2002 — Laureate of the Tsarskoye Selo Art Prize
  • 2001 — Edinburg Fringe Festival "Total Theatre Award"[20]
  • 2003 — Nomination for the prize «Golden Mask» («The Islands in the Ocean»)
  • 2007 — the prize «Golden Mask» in the category Innovation («Ketzal»)[21]
  • 2012 — the nomination for the prize «Golden Mask» («Harlequin»)
  • 2012 — the prize of The Russian Guild of Film Critics «The White Elephant» for the Best Male Actor (film «Faust»)
  • 2013 — the award «NIKA» for the Best Male Actor (film «Faust»)[22]

Further reading

  • Markova Elena (1998) Off Nevsky Prospekt: St Petersburg's Theatre Studios in the 1980s and 1990s. DEREVO. The Tree and its roots. p. 91-101. Routledge, ISBN 978-90-570-2135-0
  • Radosavljević Duška (2013) The Contemporary Ensemble: Interviews with Theatre-Makers. Beyonds words p. 89-97 ISBN 978-11-362-8354-3

In the media



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