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Annabelle Gauberti
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  • Lawyer
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  • Nonprofit executive
  • Commentator

Annabelle Gauberti is a French and British lawyer, legal scholar, nonprofit executive, and commentator.

She is the first lawyer to edit, co-write and publish a cross-disciplinary magazine on fashion law, a supplement entitled "Droit du luxe" (which translates into either "law of luxury goods" or 'luxury law") in the prestigious French legal magazine Revue Lamy Droit des Affaires, in 2004. This supplement explores various specific legal and tax issues at stake, in the fashion and luxury goods sectors, and was the second conceptualization ever of the interactions between the legal field and the fashion and luxury goods industries. Indeed, while Europeans prefer to refer to this sub-legal field as the law of luxury goods, Americans prefer to use the more 'democratic' term of "fashion law".

Gauberti is the founder and president of the law firm Crefovi, which is focused on advising the creative industries out of London and Paris, and of the international association of lawyers for the creative industries (ialci), a nonprofit organization located in Paris.

Gauberti is a frequent commentator on legal issues relating to the creative industries - in particular fashion and fashion law - with appearances in the Financial Times, Les Echos, Le Figaro, Business Insider, Capital, IPKat, the Evening Standard, Intellectual Property Magazine, Libération, Dezeen, Bloomberg, Challenges, L'Express, La Revue du Crieur, and other media outlets in Europe and abroad.

Fashion law

Gauberti is credited with being one of the "pioneers" and "innovators" lobbying for fashion law to become a distinct legal field.

In April 2003, Gauberti started blogging about the interactions between the fashion and luxury sectors, and legal fields, publishing her posts on her law firm's website Crefovi. In addition to discussing examples of how corporate and finance laws are used by French luxury conglomerates to force consolidation in the luxury industry to their advantage, Gauberti uses the site to call for a balance between the protection of intellectual property rights, and the right to free trade, in Europe. Gauberti's work in has been cited as the inspiration for subsequent fashion law sites.

Lawfully Creative podcast

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Education and academic career

A native of Versailles, France, Gauberti received her B.A. in French and Italian business law from Université Paris X Nanterre in 1998, and her M.A. in economics and finance from SDA Bocconi, as well as her M.A. in French and Italian business law from Université Paris X Nanterre, in 1999.

Alongside founding and managing her law firm Crefovi, Gauberti is a regular lecturer at LesEchosFormation, HEC and IRPI.

Besides, Gauberti regularly organises seminars entitled "law of luxury goods series", through the international association of lawyers for the creative industries (ialci) which she presides.

Selected writing

Crefovi law blogs

Why the valuation of intangible assets matters: the unstoppable rise of intangibles’ reporting in the 21st century’s corporate environment, 2020.

Art and Arbitration: What Needs To Be Done To Improve The Security Of Art Sales And Transactions, March 2019.

Netflix vertical integration strategy: I was right on the money, 2018.

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Modern methods of monetisation for independent and major record labels: 360 and beyond, 2016.

Brexit legal implications: the road less travelled, 2016.

• [ Film finance.

"Why selective distribution makes sense for luxury and premium businesses", World Trademark Review, 1 January 2016.

"Neighbouring rights in the digital era", Intellectual property magazine, 9 October 2015.

New EU consumer contracts legislation came into force on 13 June 2014. Are you ready for this tsunami?, 2014.

"Understanding Rihanna vs Topshop", MusicWeek, 11 October 2013.

• "How the art market became a luxury goods business – revisited", Info+ magazine, 26 July 2013.

• "Adaptations musicales de chansons françaises et droits qui en découlent: attention aux déconvenues", Don't Believe the Hype, 17 July 2013.

Fiscalité des oeuvres d’art: une arme à double-tranchant , La revue fiscale du patrimoine, 1 January 2013.

• "Will Second Circuit Decision Have Christian Louboutin Singing the 'Red Sole Blues'?", LesEchos, 21 July 2012.


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